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Low Pressure Passive filters

Low Pressure Passive filters

Business Information

  • Price : $2400 USD
  • Min. Order : 5
  • Certificate : ,,,,CCC,,,RoHS,UL,
  • FOB Port : Shunde
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : carton
  • Supply Capability : 100 sets per year
  • Delivery Time : 30 days

Product Features

Performance features
1 using reactive power (reactive current) type of controller, you can manually / automatically control;
2 automatic control has the circular cast, the encoding, the order and the order and so on.;
3 real-time monitoring system voltage, current, power factor, compensation state and other parameters;
4 the time delay 0~120s can be adjusted, the special requirements for the device to cut the cycle can reach the fastest 1s;
5 has the perfect the over-voltage, the under pressure, the flow, the short circuit, the mistake and so on the protection measure;
6 effectively avoid the capacitive resonance, the shunt 20%~30% characteristic harmonic current;
7 low investment, mature technology, stable performance, suitable for most of the low pressure compensation.

 Place of application

For the safety compensation of the filter effect, the typical load is applied to the safety compensation which is only required to improve the power factor:

●Annealing furnace, medium frequency furnace and high frequency furnace;

●Food processing;

●Ceramic processing;

●AC DC drive;

●Electroplating, electrolytic industry;

●Subway station, residential district;

●Paper, textile, rubber and other industries;


Technical parameters

Rated voltage: 690V, 400V (special specifications can be customized)
Accuracy: voltage, current 0.5 levels, power 1.5
Fundamental reactive power compensation: power factor can reach 0.9~0.95 above
Power consumption: capacitor less than 0.25W/KVar; the device capacity is less than or equal to 1%
Cooling method: air cooling
Structure: cabinet structure
Protection level: IP20 (special requirements can be customized)
Operating environment temperature: -40 for ~45
Altitude: 2000m
Relative humidity: when the ambient temperature is 20, no more than 90%
No violent vibration and impact
No electricity and explosive dust, corrosive gases


Filtering reactor technology index:

Form: three-phase, iron core
Protection level: IP00
Cooling method: air cooling
Basic and harmonic allocation: Design of load by computation
Sensing error: 0~2%
Other: built-in constant temperature sensitive switch


Filter capacitor technical index:

Protection level: IP20
Cooling mode: natural air cooling
Tolerance error: 0~3%
Others: built-in discharge resistor

Product Specifications

Model Rated capacity(kvar) Rated voltage(kV) Reactance rate%
SYICD-MSC-120/0.4-□ 120 0.4 □7□14
SYICD-MSC-180/0.4-□ 180 0.4 □7□14
SYICD-MSC-240/0.4-□ 240 0.4 □7□14
SYICD-MSC-300/0.4-□ 300 0.4 □7□14
SYICD-MSC-360/0.4-□ 360 0.4 □7□14
SYICD-MSC-420/0.4-□ 420 0.4 □7□14
SYICD-MSC-480/0.4-□ 480 0.4 □7□14
SYICD-MSC-540/0.4-□ 540 0.4 □7□14

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