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Thyristor switches

Thyristor switches

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  • Price : $56 USD
  • Min. Order : 100
  • Certificate : CE,,,,CCC,CB,,RoHS,UL,
  • FOB Port : Shunde
  • Made In : unknown
  • Packaging : carton
  • Supply Capability : 10,000 per month
  • Delivery Time : 30 days

Product Features

Low voltage power network capacitor switching
SY-TS series switch is in three-phase systems used to switch capacitors, and other switching device compared to the, the switch has no inrush current during switching, without exposure to noise and high switching frequency. These advantages are achieved by triggering circuits, thyristor, diode, and some auxiliary circuits. The switch is suitable for the occasion which changes the load quickly..

 Low voltage power network capacitor switching


SY-TS series switch is in three-phase systems used to switch capacitors, and other switching device compared to the, the switch has no inrush current during switching, without exposure to noise and high switching frequency. These advantages are achieved by triggering circuits, thyristor, diode, and some auxiliary circuits. The switch is suitable for the occasion which changes the load quickly..
For example:

The medium frequency induction furnace

The hoist and crane

A welder based factories



  The main switching device has bidirectional SCR, trigger circuit, absorption circuit, heat sink, and cooling device and other components.. The trigger circuit judges whether the output control signal (DC12V) is at zero voltage or zero, and the thyristor can turn off or lead.. The trigger circuit can reliably guarantee the output of the control signal, the good heat conduction function of the heat sink, and the addition of the cooling fan, greatly improve the cooling effect of the switch.. The device has the built-in over temperature protection switch, and the temperature switch of the automatic operation of the blower, thus providing good condition for safe operation..


3、Main features

The zero crossing switching, no inrush current, will not cause voltage flicker;

The photoelectric isolation, strong anti-interference ability, fast response speed, (20ms);

Integration, small volume, convenient installation;

LED display signal switching state;

The built-in cooling fan, automatic control fan start and stop;

The built-in temperature (80 DEG C) protection;

The whole cast structure, durable;

Contact type safety connection technology, IP30;

The operation, no noise, no mechanical wear, long service life.

Product Specifications

Technical parameters
Model SY-TS-50-H2 SY-TS-80-H3 SY-TS-80-H3/F
Rated voltage U 400V 50
Drive current ?30mA
Rated current 72.2A 60A 60A
Cut response time I 10ms
Installation position t Indoor
Protection level IP00
Control signal DC10V
Working environment Temperature -40℃~55℃
Humidity ?90%(40℃)
No violent vibration and impact
No conductive dust and corrosive gases
Fan parameters Rated voltage AC 220V/50Hz
Temperature parameter Cooling mode Air cooling: the starting temperature of the blower is 50.
Since the cold
Overheat protection 80 for capacitor group
Model Size(mm) Compensation method Maximum compensation capacity Weightkg
SY□-TS-50-H2 91.5 120 146.5 140 38 A total of filling 50kvar 2.7kg
SY□-TS-80-H3 102.5 135 161.5 140 38 Fill (Angle) 80kvar 3.8kg
SY□-TS-80-H3/F 102.5 135 161.5 140 38 Points to fill 80kvar 3.8kg

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