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Heat-Tolerant Battery

Heat-Tolerant Battery

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Heat-Tolerant Battery

Characteristic description
1. Performance feature:
(1) High temperature tolerant. The max tolerant temperature attains to 80 C, the normal temperature range is between -35 to 65 C.
(2) Harsh environment tolerant. Suitable for remote areas, frequent power outages area, and harsh environment area.
(3) High safety. The key components are enhanced, and advanced electrolyte is adopted, so the batteries are high safety with good pressure and impact resistance, and the water-loss decreases effectively.
(4) Long cycle-life. The designed life at the temperature of 25 and 35 attain to 20 and 10 years, respectively.
(5) Green and environmental-friendly.
Cd, Cr(VI), Hg and other material of environment-polluted and hard to recycle, are excluded in the battery formula. No leakage occurs for gel electrolyte, make batteries environmental-friendly and safety.
2. Construction features:
(1) Plates: The grid alloy is multiple rare earth alloys without Cd. It is of good corrosion tolerance and high temperature tolerance and long cycle-life. By adopting impact resistance active formula and multiple additive mixtures, the dynamics, thermos dynamics and electrochemical properties of positive/negative active material improved obviously.
(2) Separator: Adopting composite separator with high heat capacity,
stable performance and strong adsorption. It can absorb electrolyte
efficiently, inhibit the water-loss, and enhance the cycle-life.
(3) Electrolyte: Adopting "Cloudy" gel electrolyte technology. Using fumed silica imported from Germany and electro-sensitive polymer as the main material, the electrolyte is in a state of gel with high safety and less water-loss.
(4) Case and cover: Adopting heat-tolerant material and reinforced design, it is of corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, impact resistant, high strength, beautiful appearance, without potential risk of leakage and distortion.
(5) Valve:Designed special for high-temperature environmen

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