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lead-carbon battery series

lead-carbon battery series

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lead-carbon battery series
Characteristic description

1. Application fields:

Solar (wind) household system

Off-Grid or on-grid power station
Distributed energy storage power station
Solar (wind) communication base station
Solar (wind) street light
Mobile energy storage system
Solar traffic light
Solar building system
Motive power source for electric vehicles, electric tricycles, electric forklift, golf cars, tourism cars, patrol cars and mini trucks.
2.Executive standards:
IEC 60896-21/22: 2004, GB/T 22473-2008, IEC 61427-2005 ,\GB/T 18332.1-2009
3.Integrated Performance:
(1) High power density: Nano carbons composites with good hydrophilicity and high special surface area are doped in negative plates,as well as special paste preparation process, the battery hold the advantages of both lead acid batteries and super capacitor. The high conductive carbon particles bond tightly with active material, and construct a 3D conductive network, decrease the inner resistance. The
battery is of high power density and good recovery.
(2) Good charging characteristics: It holds a high charging rate, the max accepted charging current reaches to 4 times of normal VRLA.
(3) Excellent high rate discharge performance: Polarization is small in lead-carbon batteries; it holds a lower charging voltage level and higher discharging voltage level, which is benefit for high rate discharge.
(4) Long cycle-life: The carbon nanocomposites can limit the growth of PbSO4 crystal, and inhibit the sulfation of negative plates when operate in partial state of charge (SoC) of 20-80%. By using of hydrogen evolution inhibitor, water loss is few. An advanced technology of "crystal introduced" is adopted in positive plate, making the porosity is high, delay the problem of positive active material softening and shedding during using. So, the battery is very suitable for using for high rate partial state of discharge (HRPSoC), the designed cycle life
reaches to 15 years (25 C).
(5) Good

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