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solar power supply series

solar power supply series

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Solar Battery Power Supply Series
Characteristic description
1. Application fields:
Solar energy (wind) household systems,
Off-grid/ Distributed power station,
Solar energy (wind) communication base station,
Solar energy (wind) lamps,
Mobile energy storage system,
Solar traffic lights,
Solar building systems, etc.
2. Executive standards:
GB/T 22473-2008 >, IEC 61427-2005 .
3. Integrated Performance
1) Patent structure: Convenient wire type structure for connection (Patent No.ZL200720045887.1 and ZL200720037066.3), achieves a true underground installation, avoids the pole corrosion.
2) Recovery performance: Adopting special alloys and lead paste formulations, make a low self-discharge rate, good deep discharge tolerance, and strong recover capability
3) Charging efficiency: using imported low resistance raw materials and advanced process to make a small internal resistance, strong small current charge acceptance.
4) High and low temperature tolerance: wide temperature range (lead-acid:-25~50 C, and gel: -35~60 C), suitable for indoor and outdoor use in varies environments.
5) Long cycle-life: Using multiple rare-earth alloys of independent intellectual property rights, nanoscale fumed silica imported from Germany as base materials, and electrolyte of nanometer colloid all by independent research and development.
The grid is corrosion resistant, and without electrolyte stratification in electrolyte, the design life of lead acid and gel series reach to more than 15 and 18 years, respectively.
6) Environment-friendly:
Cadmium (Cd), which is poisonous and not easy to recycle, does not exist. Acid leakage of gel electrolyte will not happen. The battery operates in safety and environmental protection.

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