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Off-grid solar power system

Off-grid solar power system

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Off-grid solar power system
Off-grid solar power system

Off-grid solar system is composed of solar panel module, controller and battery bank. If the outputting power is AC 220 V or 110 V, inverter is needed.
2,Functions of each part:
1)Solar panel: The solar panel is core part of the solar power system. It can transform the radiation of the sunshine into the electric energy, or save the energy into the battery bank, or supply to the load directly.
2)Controller: The controller is used to control the operating condition of the whole system, and protect the battery against over-charged or over-discharged.The controller should have the temperature compensation function, as well as other additional functions, such as optical control switch and time switch, etc.
3)Battery bank: It is usually lead acid battery. Its function is to save the electric energy generated from the solar panel.
4)Inverter: The AC voltage of 220 V or 110 V is needed in many occasions. However, the output DC voltage of the battery bank is mainly 12 V, 24 V and 48 V, etc. It needs to transform the DC electric energy generated from the solar system into the AC energy to provide electric energy for the appliances of 220 V AC, so the DC-AC inverter is needed. The DC-DC inverter is also needed when various DC loads are used.

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