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Household Solar Power System

Household Solar Power System

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Household Solar Power System
Household solar power system
Household solar power system is composed of solar panel module, controller or inverter, battery bank and the electric equipment of users, etc.
The solar panel module and battery bank are power system, and the controller and inverter are control protection system and the user's electric equipment is the system terminal.
2,Working principles:
The solar power generation is completed by cooperation of a whole set of devices which are composed by many parts.
Firstly, the outdoor solar panel generates continuous direct current when the sunlight shines in. Then the charging controller transforms the electric energy into the chemical energy and saves it in the battery bank. The controller can also transform the chemical energy into the electric energy when the electricity is in demands. The controller can control the DC load directly. If it needs outputting the 220 V AC voltages, the inverter can transform the low voltage DC into the high voltage AC for the household electric appliances.

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