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Quartz glass optical cylindrical lens

Quartz glass optical cylindrical lens

Business Information

  • Price : $50 USD
  • Certificate : ,,,,,,,RoHS,
  • Made In : China(CN)

Product Features

Type Translucent Quartz Rod
Brand Name ZCQ
Model Number QCL
Application fiber glass
Outside Diameter 15mm
Silicon Dioxide Component 99.99%
Transmittance 90%
Ovality 0.3

 Optical quartz glass cylindrical lens

Product Introductions 


cross section width: 14*16mm


Height: 320mm


material:fused quartz

surface quality:0.02

surface shape:convex lens

free of bubble,airline,inclusions




Characteristics and superiority

1. Custom Design and Tailor-Made are welcome.

Big-dimension quartz window(L1100mm×W900mm×T12mm for instance )

Ultra-Thin windows (depend on the length and width, the thinnest thickness is down to 0.1mm)

 2. Multiple materials like Quartz, Fused Silica, Various Optical Glasses,Polyfluortetraethylene Materials or other Customer-Supplied Materials can be adopted.

3. The High-Precision Fabricated Parts deliver Superior Quality and Long Lifespan.

4. Description of Tolerance:

The Smallest Hole:OD 0.5mm Tolerances Range:+/- 0.1mm - +/- 0.05mm

Surface Quality,Flatness and Roughness: Customer Design

ZCQ Offers Two Major Categories:

1. Quartz Products Series

 2.Optical Glass Products Series

ZCQ Main products:


2. SIO2 SPUTTERING TARGETS: Grain, Wafer, Disc, Panel, Plate, Ring, Block

3. CNC High Precision CNC Quartz Parts: With the help of CNC design and software control, we are able to fabricate the High Precision Quartz /Optical Glass Parts especially when doing Arc, Slope, Slots, Sphere, Hole

4.THERMAL PROCESSING QUARTZ PRODUCTS: Quartz Beaker, Quartz Tube, Quartz Cuvette, Evaporator, Quartz Distiller, Quartz Tunnel

 5. COATING: high anti-UV film, antireflective film, gold, aluminum, silver series quartz glass and quartz UV filters, curved reflector, filter glass and so on

6. OPTICAL WINDOW: High windows, ultra-thin window, large window, prism, lens, cylindrical lens


ZCQ is a full value-added distributor in custom quartz products manufacturing. We believe customers should be regarded as root of the trees if a company desires flourishment and fruits. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive suite of services related to meet your needs. 

ISO 9001and ROHS Certified

Quotes in 24 Hours or Less

Low Order Minimum.

Custom and prototyping are welcome

Prompt Lead Times

On-Time Delivery

Free Samples

Company tour invitation

With over 70 personnel in sales and support alone, ZCQ is ready to handle even the most difficult request. We hope you will have the most content quartz products buying experience possible and can focus on your core strengths.



Questions and help

If you have any questions concerning products, please call us at 86-10-89770383 ,86-13241781622 or email us .


Order Acceptance and Pricing

ZCQ will provide a Pro Forma Invoice as confirmation on customers’ order.

Production will be arranged in line with technical specification within the invoice once payment received .


Payment Terms

Advanced T/T Credit Card Payments: ZCQ accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

We also accepts paypal payment .


Shipping & Handling

Freight Policy: If you have a freight collect account with any shipping carrier, please tell us in advance.

Or we will advise you a most economic method of shipment before checkout.


Return/Guarantee Policy

A Return Merchandise is to be returned on the original shipping form. Returns may be subject to freight. Credit will not be issued until the return has been received and inspected by ZCQ. Please send us an email and include your order number.



We appreciate all positive feedbacks.For us, the most beautiful moment is when we win customers' initiative support.

Eg: One of our customers found out $100 was caculated less in  total payment within Pro forma invoice and fixed it initiatively before remitting.

We try our best to deliver love and tolerances to customers whoever left negative feedback.

We think that human do fraud or negative things due to misunderstanding or previous misfortunate in their lives. We try to communicate with them and comfort them with refund, good words, understanding, etc. as much as we can.




Product Specifications

?品包?后的尺寸 : 26 Centimeters * 25 Centimeters * 16 Centimeters
?品包?毛重 : 0.500 Kilogram

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