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crystal film

crystal film

Business Information

  • Price : $0.8 USD
  • Min. Order : 250m
  • FOB Port : guangzhou.china
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : one roll one carton
  • Delivery Time : 7 days

Product Features

Crystal foil is a kind of foil which make PET foil as the substrate, and resin particles as the main structure, used on genuine leather, fabric and textile. When processing, the resin particles on the PET foil and the printing effect (such as snake design)will be transferred on the surface of leather in the form of heat pressing, to enhance the texture and the added value of leather. In addition, the crystal foil also can be combined using with other foil, like printing foil, metallic foil and so on.


Crystal foil is a kind of foil which make PET foil as the substrate, and resin particles as the main  structure, used on genuine leather, fabric and textile. When processing, the resin particles on the PET foil and the printing effect (such as snake design)will be transferred on the surface of leather in the form of heat pressing, to enhance the texture and the added value of leather. In addition, the crystal foil also can be combined using with other foil, like printing foil, metallic foil and so on.


1. Smooth feeling, good glossiness, and a variety of patterns for choosing;

2. Suitable for surface treatment of all kinds of synthetic, natural fiber fabrics and variety of synthetic,  natural leather (coordinating with metallic, printing and other processing, the effect is better);

3. Better fastness, better washability, better dry cleaning after the transfer;

4. No special treatment, no peculiar smell during the process of the using, no heavy metal and noxious  solvent in the products.


1. Suitable machinery equipment is flat or roller embossing machine:

①. Machine temperature: 110℃—125℃

②. Speed: 2—4S/M

③. Pressure: 20—30kg/cm2, some special material require higher pressures    

     (up to 200—300kg/cm2).

Noted: the particle shape will be changed if the pressure and the temperature is higher.

2. In order to obtain the better surface effect, like brightness, fastness, after pressing on the leather and  fabric, we recommend keep the foil in cooling place for 7-24 hours after pressing, then detaching the   foil and using(noted the force should be balanced and direction be correct when detaching).


1. Roll size: 200m/250m

2. Effective width of the pattern: 150cm

3. Roll weight: 20—25 kg


Carefully treatment in transport, application and storage, in order not to affect quality of the foil, it  should be kept in a cool and dry environment, but not be lower than 5℃. Because it is a frangible and hot melt material, when using in winter, the workshop temperature is above 15℃.


Different using conditions on fabric, leather will have different effect, so its necessary to do some  experiment and test before the mass production.

Product Specifications

1.Smooth feeling, good glossiness, and a variety of patterns for choosing;
2.Suitable for surface treatment of all kinds of synthetic, natural fiber fabrics and variety of synthetic, natural leather (coordinating with metallic, printing and other processing, the effect is better);
3.Better fastness, better washability, better dry cleaning after the transfer;
4.No special treatment, no peculiar smell during the process of the using, no heavy metal and noxious solvent in the products.

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