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Xiamen Inghan Industrial Co., Ltd
  • Target Markets: America/ Middle East/ Europe/ China/ India/ Southeast Asia/ Australia
  • Business Type: Manufacturer,Exporter
  • Established date: 2010
 Sushi conveyor belt ?Shabu-shabu and roast meat conveyor belt

Sushi conveyor belt ?Shabu-shabu and roast meat conveyor belt

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Product Features

Product name : ?Shabu-shabu and roast meat conveyor belt
Price: Common dimension??? $198/Meter
Common dimension with boiling water system??? $308/Meter?
(The exact dimension depends?on the size of restaurant ?or your request.)
Packing details: Wooden Packaging
Back baffle: ?
The material of dining table can be marble, artificial stone, glass or wood.

?Comfortable chairs, foot-rest and proper table height, all conform to the somatolo. The whole conveyor system operates smoothly, ultraintense waterproof.
1.Customized service
(1) ?Shape and dimension?are available: double-layer or staggered-layer? Warming and cooling system
Rack unit can be made of marble , transparant stone ,artificial stone,grass...
(2) ?Decorative LED lamp material: transparant stone ,acrylic ?color: red,orange,yellow,green,blue, colorful?
(3) ?Lotus leaf-shaped ?there is a much wider choice of function and color, ?has a range of material and shape options, if you need anything please contact us
2.Comfortable feeling
3.Easy to ceaning

Structure Information:
1.?Sushi conveyor is composed of four main parts: supporting rack unit, power unit, conveyer belt and water supply system.
2.??sushi conveying belt is mainly manufactured with 304 stainless steel and engineering plastic which feature nice appearance, durability and hygiene.
3.?The rotary sushi belt can be designed according to restaurant area and customer`s requirements.

Xiamen Inghan Industrial Co., Ltd
Company Add: No.17 Wanhai road,Softpark2,Xiamen,Fujian,China.
Factory Add:No.66 ,Xiahu, Jinshan Road,Xiamen,Fujian,China.
Mail: 1506736806@qq.com
Skype: iris.chen84
Phone: (086)592-5024247
Fax: (086)592-2089315

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