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Nande Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Target Markets: North America, Africa, the Middle East, South America
  • Business Type: Wholesaler,Manufacturer
  • Established date: 2003
Solar Powered Path Lights with 3.7V Lithium Battery

Solar Powered Path Lights with 3.7V Lithium Battery

Business Information

  • Price : $58.63 USD
  • Min. Order : 10
  • Certificate : CE,,,,CCC,,,RoHS,,,,,SGS,CQC
  • FOB Port : Zhongshan
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : Safety Standard Packing
  • Supply Capability : 120, 000 Pieces/ Year
  • Delivery Time : 20days
  • Solar Powered Path Lights with 3.7V Lithium Battery
  • Solar Powered Path Lights with 3.7V Lithium Battery
  • Solar Powered Path Lights with 3.7V Lithium Battery

Product Features

√ 8 ~ 12 hours long working time per night;?
√ 3 ~ 7 days rainy days large battery capacity;?
√ Lithium battery 2/3 lighter, much easier for installation;?

 Thanks for your interest in Nande solar street lights.

What's the key factor for choosing solar street light?

As our valued customer, we take your inquiry very seriously.
For offering the most suitable solar lighting solutions, our engineer team will analyze your project case carefully
and present the specific proposal to you.

√ 8 ~ 12 hours long working time per night; 
√ 3 ~ 7 days rainy days large battery capacity; 
√ Lithium battery 2/3 lighter, much easier for installation; 

-It adopts Nande latest MPPT intelligent control system,with high-efficiency dim light charging solar cell module,ensure powerful charging resource for anywhere and any weather;
-It's the most practical and stable solar street light for long rainy season and atrocious weather region;
-Multi-lighting mode,365 days functional guaranteed.

Remark:This product is designed for general street lighting project, for best lighting performance the following parameters of the solar street light system parts are reinforced standard setting and are typically measured in our R&D lab,all technical data and parameters setting is not exaggerated.

Nande Solar Street Light Configuration:

Parameters description
Solar cell modulePolycrystalline silicon, 17~19% photosynthetic efficiency conversion rate;
Class A chip, Golden Sun & CE & CCC certificated.
Maintenance-free batteryGel battery: colloid storage battery, waterproof nanotechnology.
Waterproof breathable, embedment underground, effectively guarantee battery's
proper temperature and extend its lifespan. Golden Sun & TLC regulation & CE certificated.
Lithium battery: latest energy storage with MPPT intelligent control system, full charged within 5 hours, 1200 times charge-discharge cycles.
LED light houseImported super bright LED chips,10000 hours lumens depreciation < 4%,
BridgeLux LED, designed lifespan 40000-60000 hours, aluminum die casting, 
plastic spraying, protection grade: IP65.
Intelligent controllerNational patent technology, ABS material, overcharge-discharge protection, light sensor, timer and waterproof, 80% more energy saving performance than regular type, which effectively extend lighting hours in rainy & cloudy days, designed IP67.
Light pole &
solar panel holder
1. Q235 steel, socket round bar, top dia. 60mm, bottom dia. 132mm;
2. Made of high quality high strength carbon steel plate, tube thickness: 2.5mm;
3. Hot-dip zinc inside, smooth & artistic galvanized- surface, coating thickness: 80um, measure up to GB/T13912-92 standard, anti-corrosion, lifespan more than 10 years.
4. Adopt anti-aging outdoor plastic surface coating processing, pole color customizable.
CableLow-consumption copper cable exclusively used for solar light system.
(extremely low electrical resistivity, excellent anti-aging performance. )
Built-in fitting &
Reinforced steel built-in fitting, ABS steel-plastic battery container.   ≥30years


Solar Street Lights Project guidelines:

Lamp powerLED 15WLED 20WLED 30WLED 42WLED 56W
Light pole height
( optional )
 5 - 6m5 - 6m 6 - 8m 7 - 9m 10m 10m 
Proper road width
3 - 5m3 - 5m5 - 7m5 - 8m8 - 12m8 - 12m
Interval recommended
15 ~ 25m15 ~ 25m15 ~ 25m25 ~ 30m30 ~ 35m30 ~ 35m
working days
5 - 7 days5 - 7 days5 - 7 days5 - 7 days5 - 7 days5 - 7 days
Anti-winds force
Anti-seismic level
> 8 magnitude> 8 magnitude> 8 magnitude> 8 magnitude> 8 magnitude> 8 magnitude
Working temperature
-25 ~ +65 ºC-25 ~ +65 ºC-25 ~ +65 ºC-25 ~ +65 ºC-25 ~ +65 ºC-25 ~ +65 ºC

Do you really understand the Nande solar energy?
Nande Solar Street Light is designed for energy saving project, It is pure solar powered, 12/24V safe voltage;
It adopts Nande latest generation of automatic infinite adaptive intelligent tracking control system,
with high efficiency low light rapid silicon module which ensures the powerful charge capacity in bad weather.

The system working mode: 8 to 12 hours per day ( light mode customizable ), 5 to 7 days continuously working
in rainy days. With guarantee for proper functioning of entire yearly lighting, it's the best energy saving lighting 
product for long rainy season areas.

Don't get fooled by CHEAP Lights!
Is it worth spending money on inferior solar lighting that will need to be replaced frequently?
 Fact 1: Inferior lights = More maintenance and replacement costs = Most expensive lights.
Due to the geographic difference ( peak sunshine hours, weather factor and some special requirement )
across every specific applied location; 
Fact 2: So one size don't fit all. 
Please contact Nande sales engineers for your customzied solar lighting solutions.

Specific after-sales service commitment as follows:
Nande Solar promises all products released from our factory are brand new, in conformity with national quality
standards, with the manufacturers guarantee of quality certificate (or conformity certificate).
1. Packing specification, packing method for safety standard packing; 
2. Products installation training: including vedio demonstration and operation manual; 
3. Product warranty: 2 years ( start from next day the installation and debugging complete ).
4. Lifetime privilege: customers enjoy 15%-off for material and components replacement.
5. Lead time: 15- 30 working days for quantity less than 500 sets. 

For specific solar street light solution, welcome to send us inquiry at below: 

Product Specifications

Solar Road Lamp feature:
1. Above system configurations are based on scientific calculation and engineering project experience. They are suitable for areas with annual average peak power sunshine of 4.5hrs per day. Battery capacity is designed for 3 days backup in cloudy or rainy weather.
2. The system configurations can be customized based on client's specific project requirement and weather condition.
3. The batteries are suggested to be placed in battery box and buried in a underground cement pit. In this way, it can avoid overhigh temperature due to sunshine exposure or too cold weather in Winter, wateproof and theftproof, easy for replacement in late period.
4. The pole patterns are standardized type, practical and economical, which can also be customized as per client's specific requirement.
5. All parts are certified by CE, ROHS and IEC certificates, meeting Europe standard.

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