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heating cable

heating cable

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heat cable/tape
heat tracer cable/heat tracing
constant wattage heat tracer
self regualting heating cable

heating cable

top quality self regulating heating cable for floor and ceiling


Heating cable is also referred to as heat trace cable amongst the industry. It is used for a wide range of applications including pipe tracing, freeze protection, viscosity control, temperature process maintenance, roof and gutter deicing . Yiteng Heating Tapes are more flexible and can provide a much more rapid thermal response.

The products provides the most versatility in heat trace design and applications. Constructed of a Semiconductive heater matrix extruded between parallet buswires, a self regulating cable adjusts its output to independently respond to ambient temperatures all along its length. As temperature increases,the heater's resisteance increases, which lower the output wattage. Conversely, as the temperature decreases, the resistance decreases and the cable produces more heat. So there is no need for thermostat in some applications. It will never overheat or burnout even when wrapped by itself(overlapped). Also it can be cut to any length. It is a convenient maintenance,easy use and energy efficient heating cable.

Product Highlights
Self-regulating or constant-wattage heating cable
Ideal for long runs on pipes and vessels
Can be cut-to-length at job site
Temperatures up to 500oF (260 °C )
Meets NEC 427-23 and IEEE Std 515-2004

Freeze protection
Viscosity control
Low to high temperature maintenance
Ordinary locations
Hazardous locations
Heat Tracing Applications
Temperature Raise
Tank Heating
Roof & gutter de-icing and driveway snow melting
Hot water systems

two types: self-regulating
Self-Regulating / Self-Limiting: Automatically adjusts heat output based on surface temperature. Ideal for freeze protection and low temperature process maintenance.

Constant-Wattage: Provides precise and con

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