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 Broken Tap Remover Remove Taps and Bolts SFX-4000 EDM

Broken Tap Remover Remove Taps and Bolts SFX-4000 EDM

Business Information

  • Price : $2380 USD
  • Min. Order : 1 SET
  • Certificate : CE,ISO-9001
  • FOB Port : It depends the forwarder
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : carton packaging
  • Supply Capability : 300 sets per set
  • Delivery Time : 2 weeks
  •  Broken Tap Remover Remove Taps and Bolts SFX-4000 EDM
  •  Broken Tap Remover Remove Taps and Bolts SFX-4000 EDM
  •  Broken Tap Remover Remove Taps and Bolts SFX-4000 EDM
  •  Broken Tap Remover Remove Taps and Bolts SFX-4000 EDM
  •  Broken Tap Remover Remove Taps and Bolts SFX-4000 EDM
  •  Broken Tap Remover Remove Taps and Bolts SFX-4000 EDM

Product Features

Functions and Features:
1.Fasting removing broken taps, drill, drift, screw, plug gauge without damaging to the work-piece.
2.Processing non-precision hole and marking on metal materials such as hardened steel, hard alloy steel and copper.
3.The input power is 3000w, fast remove large size taps, screw, the marking function is particularly prominent.
4.The work-head has vibration function, Significantly improved the processing ranges and efficiency.


Functions and Features

1.Fasting removing broken taps, drill, drift, screw, plug gauge without damaging to the work-piece.

2.Processing non-precision hole and marking on metal materials such as hardened steel, hard alloy steel and copper.

3.The input power is 3000w, fast remove large size taps, screw, the marking function is particularly prominent.

4.The work-head has vibration function, Significantly improved the processing ranges and efficiency.



Input Power(w):3000w

Adjustable Current:Step-less Adjustment

Max Automatic Processing Depth of Spindle Servo (mm): 80mm

Can remove broken tap: M2-M48

Electrode Diameter(mm): 2-24mm

Processing Speed(mm/min):  2mm/min   

Processing Material:Quenched Steel 

Working Liquid:Tap water

Power Box Size(mm):420*220*370

Accessories receive:Case receive

Packing Size(mm):528*325*460

Gross Weight:24KG




Q: Are you a manufactuer or trading company?

A:Our company is an leading manufacturer with over 10 years experience in machining work. We have more than 100 equipment including various machinery processing equipment s (dozens of CNC equipments included ).


Q. Will your machine could operate on 110V/60HZ input voltage?

A:  Absolutely,  the standard equipment is for 220VC+/-10%, 1 phase,  50/60HZ input voltage,  while a transfer will be matched for local voltage. By the way,  if the quantity is enough, custom-made design is available.
Q. Do you offer a pump for through the electrode flushing?
A: Yes, a water pump is included in the parts,and you need to buy nothing else to start operating. We provide you various size electrodes, such as electrode tube,bar and slice electrode with the machine. 
Q. If the chucks rotate when they are machining?
A: The chuck won't rotate when machine working.
Q. What's the delivery method?
A: The machine will be delivered by international express such as TNT, Fedex, DHL, etc
Q. What about the delivery time?
A: The machine will be delivered from our factory within 72 hours after the 100% deposit checked.
Q. What's the payment terms?
A: We accept payment terms. T/T, Western Union, Paypal, etc.. 

Q: Can you support OEM?

   A:We support OE




EDM cutting and drilling is also suitable to be used for both hard materials and extremely delicate materials which are difficult to machine with conventional cutting methods.

Using this process is extremely accurate, reliable and affordable, so it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many manufacturers.


The Portable EDM is used by machine shops, heavy equipment repair, aircraft manufacturers, auto/truck repair, R&D shops, universities, scientific laboratories, maintenance shops and ultrasonic crack detection testing everywhere.

The Portable EDM Machine safely and easily removes broken studs, taps, screws and drills without damaging the threads.

Additionally, the Portable EDM Machine can machine any shape hole, notch, crack, slot, groove or cavity in any metal, even hardened steel and carbide.



special carton packaging,Waterproof and dustproof design    shock absorption and drop resistance  thick cardboard     professional  packaging.


Product Specifications

Input Power(w):3000w
Adjustable Current:Step-less Adjustment
Max Automatic Processing Depth of Spindle Servo (mm): 80mm
Can remove broken tap: ?M2
Electrode Diameter(mm): 2-24mm
Processing Speed(mm/min): Φ5 2mm/min Φ12 1mm/min
Processing Material:Quenched Steel
Working Liquid:Tap water
Power Box Size(mm):420*220*370
Accessories receive:Case receive
Packing Size(mm):528*325*460
Gross Weight:24KG

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