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800w mini small hole punching edm 2015

800w mini small hole punching edm 2015

Business Information

  • Price : $1580 USD
  • Min. Order : 1 set
  • Certificate : CE,ISO-9001
  • FOB Port : it depends
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : carton packaging
  • Supply Capability : 300 sets per month
  • Delivery Time : 2 weeks
  • 800w mini small hole punching edm 2015
  • 800w mini small hole punching edm 2015
  • 800w mini small hole punching edm 2015
  • 800w mini small hole punching edm 2015
  • 800w mini small hole punching edm 2015
  • 800w mini small hole punching edm 2015

Product Features

Features of our products:
1 It’s convenient to remove the broken taps,drills ,reamers, screws,plugs and other tools that are broken in the work-piece.
2 Has revert button, the machine can set the working course, when the electrode arrive
at the setting position, it will alarm and the working head will return.
3 Split type design, working head can rotate in any direction.
4 Using magnetic base, the working head can be adsorbed on the machine, so it is
convenient for clamping, making the cost to the minimum.
5 Install cooling fan, forced ventilation, ensure that the machine can work continuously.
6 Machine testing before selling.
7 Processing at the side of larger work-piece.
8 Removing the taps on large work-piece.
9 Small size and light weight, portable for carrying.
10 Mass production.

 We are committed to supply high quality mini/portable  Broken Stud,  Bolt ,Tap, Drill,Broken Easyout Removal tools and supplies for machine shops,plant Engineering

and maintenance.

1. EDM abide by the principle of Electrolytic Corrosion to remove broken tools,no direct contact, thus, no external force and damage to the work piece.

2. Excellent Structure: it is convenient to carry due to small size and light weight, and shows its special superiority for large work pieces.Working head is separated from the machine, and can rotate in any direction, which is helpful for complex machining.

3. Convenient Operation: The magnetic base can attract on work pieces to finish processing easily.

4. Accurate Positioning: Cross clamp or jig can be installed on desktop workbench, which is convenient for fast clamping and precise positioning, and is suitable for batch processing.

5. Easy Maintenance: MCU Controller and Function Modularization are utilized to guarantee the stable performance and easy maintenance.

6.Economical and Convenient: The working liquid is ordinary running water; power consumption is moderate; the inlet pipe is detachable.

7. Wide Processing Range: broken taps and drills (conductive material) above Ø3mm (Ø3mm is included).


8. Long Working Hours: a cooling fan installed ensures the ventilation, which keeps the machine working continuously.

Product Specifications

Item EDM-8C
Input Voltage: AC220V±10%
Input Power(W): 800W
Electrode Diameter(mm): 1~10mm
Working Liquid: Tap Water
Max Processing Depth of Spindle Servo(mm): 80mm
Max Processing Speed(mm/min): ?1mm/min
Gross Weight: 16kg
Adjustable Current: Stepper
Set Depth: Alarm Automatically for Certain Depth
Power box size(mm): 380*160*300
Packing Size(mm): 498*308*392

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