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 High quality sucralose & Sucralose sweetener CAS: 56038-13-2  used for e-liquid

High quality sucralose & Sucralose sweetener CAS: 56038-13-2 used for e-liquid

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 1kg
  • Certificate : ,,FDA,,,,,,,CSA,
  • FOB Port : shanghai
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : 1.15kg/bottle
  • Supply Capability : 200ton/year
  • Delivery Time : 8days
  •  High quality sucralose & Sucralose sweetener CAS: 56038-13-2  used for e-liquid

Product Features

sucralose & Sucralose sweetener for e-liquid

We are the manufacturer of Pure Nicotine,concentrate e-liquids flavour/aroma,WS-23,Sweetener.USP/EP grade Nicotine ,tobacco flavor,fruit flavor for e-juices.
Pure Nicotine: 99.99% 1000mg/ml Nicotine USP/EP grade .
We also can dilute 100mg/ml Pg or Vg based Nicotine.
New products:Nicotine Salts
Cocnentrate Vape Flavour-Hot Selling
We have over 500 kinds of cocnentrate flavor for e-liquids:Tobacco Series,Fruit Series,Mint Series,Mix fruit flavor and Herb flavor.
Tobacco flavour:
1.Marlboro 2.RY4 3.Tobacco 4.State Express/555 5.Cigar 6.Lucky strike
7.Camel 8.Winston 9. Dunhill 10. Davidoff 11. Old Captain 12. USA-mix
13.Parliament 14. French Pipe 15. Cigar Cherry 16. Golden Virginia
Fruit Flavour:
1.Aussie Mango 2.Watermelon 3.Strawberry 4.Blueberry 5.Dragon Fruit flavor 6.Double Apple
7.Coca cola 8.Lemon Limed 9.Pomegranate 10.Guava 11.Watermelon 12.Melon 13.Red Bull

Mint Flavour:
1.Mint 2.Menthol 3.Salem 4.Lemon Mint 5.Ice Menthol 6.Coolmint Gum 7.Coolmist Menthol
Herb flavour:
1.Vanilla 2.Ginseng 3.Hineysuckle 4.Lavender 5.Magnum ice cream 6.Spearmint
Cooling Agnet/Coolada:
We have WS-23,WS-12,WS-5,WS-3 for e liquid.
Food Additive Sweetener:
We have Sucralose and Ethyl Matol for E-juices.

 Xian Taima hot sell 99.95% nicotine (никотин) and all kinds of flavor for e liquid.

Product Name: Nicotine

CAS No: 54-11-5

Extract Region: Tobacco Leaf

Analysis Purity:  USP 99.9%

Appearance: Colorless to slight yellow transparent oily liquid

 Tobacco series flavor: cigar,seven star,tobacco...............

Fruit series flavor: apple,peach,banana,cherry ...............

 Herb and Mint series flavor: vanllia,pepper,menthol..



1.Pure Nicotine liquid:95%,98%,99% and 99.9% for e cigarette liquids use...

2.Mixed liquid:36mg/ml-360mg/ml nicotine mixed with PG or VG for e-liquids



1. Used for e-cigarette liquid, e-smoking liquid and e-juice...

2. Used for quit-smoking product, nicotine gum and pharmaceutical products

  36mg/ml~360mg/ml nicotine with pg or vg for e-liquids

 Many kinds of e-liquids fill flavor:

Product Specifications


Xi'an Taima Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd, specializing in Pure Nicotine and mixed unflavored liquid in China. Through our continuous research and development, our nicotine content reached 99.95%.In the industry, we got excellent grades.
1. Pure nicotine: the size is from 10%-99.95% (10mg/ml-990mg/ml) . Generally speaking, it is always use higher specification - 98% and 99% . It can be diluted into the concentration of clients want (lower content) with PG or VG. Then add different essence to make different flavors.
2. We also have mixed unflavor e liquid (24mg/ml-600mg/ml) nicotine in PG/VG. It is colorless or slight yellow oil liquid. You can dilute to your needing, then add different flavors.
we have mainly produce tobacco series flavors, that is not finished flavored e liquid, it is only flavor, you need add it into nicotine to make flavored liquid. Now we have 300 kinds below:
# 1 - Seven Star # 2 - MarIboro # 3 - came # 4 - Cigar # 5 - Virginia # 6 - Tobacco taste ....of annex
3. The MOQ: it is at least 1kg by Fluorinated Bottles to pack.
4. Delivery time is: After receive payment, within 3 days to send
5.We accept T/T, W/U, PAYPAL.

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