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fALS~ the end of the maximum capacity. Features four: Environmental habitual user and device compatibility using CTP plates in the print shop facing the biggest challenge is the printed version of the habitual. Many face of the brand, ingredients vary related chemicals, such as Kit Solution, fountain solution, washing water, alcohol, etc., are not the same type of ink, paper, such as Ann insisted stable performance of the plate in such a cluttered environment consistency is an important parameter to measure the quality of the plate. Aiyinda701,803 excellent habitual, in cluttered environments, can guarantee the quality of each batch of plates between the stable and good; it can vary widely and maintenance habits in many cases the printer group; even the use of a variety of different chemicals printing plate made Aiyinda701,803 still insist consistent quality, high precision and high end anti-Indian forces. Five characteristics: targeting high-end customers because the majority of the mall Vision: Aiyinda plate with high anti-Indian forces, high-precision, can better habits messy printing environment and other functions, is very suitable for the domestic print production environment, so the majority of the printing plant Welcome. At that time, Aiyinda in southern and eastern China already has a number of high-end customers in the sale of North China and has a good growth momentum, the entire vision of the majority of the mall. Product Engineer proudly: "Aiyinda plates from March 2012 launch to now, because we've never yield and quality reasons or because goods can not meet customer needs and to throw away a cus

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