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kemii paper
  • Established date: 2004

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an forces have two primary elements, mechanical abrasion and chemical corrosion:. Aiyinda803 in EnergyElite attack their choice on the basis of R & D double coating technolrong: Aiyinda803 has excellent ink-water balance ability, the end of the boot can be sensitive ink balance, compared to usual printing, saving paper and ink consumption over version. Together with excellent ability to stay edition, after printing plates can retain good reprinted many times. : Aiyinda701 for fast imaging with high sensitivity thermal paperCTP plate, its sensitive energy just 130 mJ / cm, collaboration is not the same variety of platesetters, can make the end of the maximum capacity. Features four: Environmental habitual user and device compatibility using CTP plates in the print shop facing the biggest challenge is the printed version of the habitual. Many face of the brand, ingredients vary related chemicals, such as Kit Solution, fountain solution, washing water, alcohol, etc., are not the same type of ink, paper, such as Ann insisted stable performance of the plate in such a cluttered environment consistency is an important parameter to measure the quality of the plate. : Aiyinda701,803 excellent habitual, in cluttered environments, can guarantee the quality of each batch of plates between the stable and good; it can vary widely and maintenance habits in many cases the printer group; even the use of a variety of different chemical drugs: a plate made Aiyinda701,803 still insist consistent quality, high precision and high end anti-India

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