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kemii tape
  • Established date: 2004

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warned ouction Engineering Group, the fund balance of about 53,000 yuan, they are stepping up to apply for the fund to start early to exclude risks.
??????????????of imported silicone pressure sensitive adhesive with high temperature resistance, acid, solvent resistance, electrical insulation (H level), radiation and other properties. Suitable for wave soldering electronic circuit boards masking polyimide packing tape, that Gg tape is a new high-temperature engineering plastics with unique properties. Modern industry, especially in high-tech fields plays an irreplaceable role. As a foundation bearing components, widely used in various fields of national economy, to meet different working conditions of the bearing performance requirements. High temperature packing tape in Rolling adhere to frame material can be used as, or as a sliding bearing materials, the application shows superior performance and good prospects for development. Lithium battery termination packing tape glass cloth packing tape acetate cloth packing tape packing tape Goldfinger DuPont NOMEX fire polyimide packing tape packing tape Teflon packing tape
????????????????????????????????????????????????BSBY_f010 high temperature rubber plug brand [mountain] packaging materials company's existing equipment several large multi-function, set gum paste, automatic rewinding, automatic cutting, automatic slitting, die cutting, stamping, automatic

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