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Condensate Polishing Filter Element

Condensate Polishing Filter Element

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Powder resin coated filters and pre-filters are generally used in condensate treatment systems in power plants.Filter elements are installed inside the filters.Fiber powder and resin powder can be used on the surfaces of filter elements in order to achieve the purpose of filtration and desalination.When the differential pressure between inlet and outlet of filters or the conductivity or silicon of filter effluent reach the set value,filters are in a failed state.The filters will be explosion membrane and back washing ,and then to be put into operation after laying.
The parameters of wound filter elements produced in our company are all computer-controlled.Lines are arranged evenly.We are able to guarantee the overall performance of products.Combined with the porous support of 304 stainless steel tubes, the filter elements can withstand high intensity of explosive resin film and backwash during the high-voltage transient impact.Besides,it ensures that the filter elements won't be deformed and polypropylene fiber material doesn't fall off.The operational safety of condensed water treatment system is protected too.
Features Of Condensate Polishing Filter Element
Polypropylene fibers of wire wound filter elements are continuous.Parameters of filter element are arranged by computer in order to ensure the overall performance of the products.
Full length uniform filtration / resin coating filtration.
Tubes and fittings are all stainless steel with threaded connection centers.
Special designs to backwash operation.
High interception capacity in full-length.
Filter elements provide different sizes to powder resin filters and pre-filter to provide for a variety of uses.
The equipments of installing the filter elements are of large output and small footprint.It's easy to arrange the main plants.
The system is simple.There is no acid consumption or pollution of regeneration of acid and alkali waste.It's easy to deal with the waste to protect the environment.

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