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  • Target Markets: . Our products are exported to 60 countries and regions, such as U.K., Australia, Greece, Poland, Russia, White Russia, South America, South Africa, Iran, Indonesia, Egypt, Ethiopia, etc.
  • Business Type: Manufacturer,Exporter
  • Established date: 2000
HTS 15L Series Blow Moulding Machine

HTS 15L Series Blow Moulding Machine

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  • Made In : unknown
  • HTS 15L Series Blow Moulding Machine

Product Features

First, the electronic control system: Japan's Mitsubishi PLC computer and human-machine interface control, in English cantilever control panel, temperature control system uses independent control of temperature controller, reducing maintenance costs. All the process set to change, retrieval, monitoring, troubleshooting and other functions are implemented on the touch screen, no point of contact with the working principle, components and durable. Standard electronic control cabinet, making the stable operating environment components, equipment service life.
Second,the hydraulic system: proportional pressure control equipped with hydraulic valve and pump imported brand-name, stable and reliable. 100-point electro-hydraulic servo control systems, electro-hydraulic servo system uses the energy storage device. The hydraulic system is very energy efficient.
Third, the plasticizing system: the use of two high-1KV plastics mixing screw, ensuring plasticizing full uniform, out reached 700kg / h or more.
Fourth, the speed control system: DC drive system + alloy steel hardened gears, rigid starting, drive torque, speed stability, energy saving, low noise, durable.
Fifth, the opening and closing mold, mold transfer system: the use of two template pin lock mechanism, the bottom of the template model using linear guide cylinder to achieve the shift shift mode, clamping force and balanced, enabling micro-mold, thus ensuring the locking time clamping force is sufficient, when mold mold smooth. This pin lock mechanism has been applied for a patent.
Six, 2000L robot: a dual clamping plate cylinder independent drive, install the clamping plate cooling water. This robot gripping force can be heavier clamping products.
Seven,the nose flat nose type storage material for production of flat panel products like blow molding, accumulator using external means to facilitate the processing and product processing head when the adjustment process. Flow channel is designed to streamline and minimi

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