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Three Coordinate Gun drilling Machine Tool

Three Coordinate Gun drilling Machine Tool

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Product Features

Processing Method: outside chip removing; gun drill
Hole Diameter(mm): Φ3~Φ30
Drill Pipe: frequency control; simultaneously rotating and feeding
Workpiece: mounted on the bench
Guide Sleeve: pneumatically drive and traverse
Workpiece Clamping: for axial parts, mounted on the bench by tooling;
plate type parts can be directly mounted on the bench
Processing Ability:
1. Hole Diameter(mm): Φ3~Φ30
2. Hole Depth(mm): 1000
3. Area of Bench (m2): 1200 X 800
4. Bench Load-bearing(kg): 6000
5. Stroke(mm): 1000X800
Processing Speed:
1. Max Rotation Speed of Drill Pipe’s Spindle (r/min): 7500
2. Feeding Speed Range(mm/min): ?1500
3. Feeding Fast Forward Speed(mm/min): ?2000
4. Bench Fast Lifting Speed(mm/min): ?1000
5. Bench Fast Traverse Speed(mm/min): ?1000
Processing Accuracy:
1. Hole Skewness: ?1/1000
2. Dimensional Accuracy of Drill Pipe: IT7~IT10
3. Hole Rugosity: Ra0.4~Ra3.2
Power of Machine
1. Drill Pipe Motor Power(kw): 7.5
2. Bench Traverse Power(kw): 2.5
3. Feeding Power(kw): 1.2
4. Beam Lifting Power(kw): 2.5
5. Total Power(kw): 28
6. Oil Pump Power(kw): 2X5.5
Hydraulic System
1. Max Volume of Flow(L/min): 100
2. Max Pressure(Mp): 12
3. Filtering Accuracy(um): 20
4. Oil Storage Capacity(L): 1360
Basic Dimension & Weight
Dimension (mm): 4500*3000

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