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stainless steel 304 Johnson water well screen

stainless steel 304 Johnson water well screen

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Product Features

1)Custom Designed and Engineered for water well screen
Each project is specifically designed to ensure complete satisfaction.
We provide guidance and support from project concept to completion.

(2)Longer Lasting of water well screen
Johnson water well screen, whose manufacturing standards are the most stringent in the industry, are extremely durable and have high resistance to abrasion, corrosion and impact damage.

(3)Lower Maintenance of water well screen
The rugged construction and high quality of materials make possible a product that lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

(4)Less Costly of water well screen
Superior operating efficiency, extended service life and reduced maintenance needs combine to reduce the true cost of long zhong long water well screens to plant operators.

The Johnson screen pipe is composed of rib strips and V shaped wires through manufacturing on specialized welding machine. The rib strips and V shaped wires will be welded by resistance welding, has enough welding strength, equally slot gap, high corrosion resistance, large filter area, good permeability, simple structure, 0.1mm slot gap, and can be select by client in any way.

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