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Sboard-2 Wifi controller

Sboard-2 Wifi controller

Business Information

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  • Sboard-2 Wifi controller

Product Features

Sboard-2 is a dual-relay controller supports opening doors by phone through Wifi, it has Wiegand 26~37bits input, can be connected by any Wiegand 26~37bits output readers.

Main features:
‧ 2,100 users, user data can be transferred
‧ Multi access modes: Card, Card or PIN, Card with PIN and multi Cards/PINs
‧ Can connect with any reader with Wiegand 26~37 bits output
‧ Can connect with any keypad reader with 4bits, 8bits (ASCII), or 10bits Virtual number output
‧ Support Master Card function
‧ Support set principal card

Sboard-II Wifi (Optional)
Once you purchase and install a Sboard-II Wifi in your home or office, then you can take advantage of our exclusive smart home apps,and remotely open the door within your home network or remote from anywhere you can get internet access with your smartphone or tablet.

User Capacity: 2,100
Zone 1: 2,000
Zone 2: 100
Operating Voltage: 9~24V DC
Idle Current:

Product Specifications

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