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Plastic Extruder

Plastic Extruder

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Product Features

Production line Features
1. Energy saving.
2. Stable, efficiency with high capacity.
3. Support to use CO2, Butane and LPG as foam agent without CFC, HFC, HCFC.
4. Compatible with the HFC,HCFC as foam agent.
5. Compatible with recycled material to reduce the cost.


XPS foam Machine 
1.CO2+Ethanol system 
2. Running Stably 
3. Low energy consumption 
4. ISO9001/CE/ISO14000 availabe 

Basic Configuration

1.  Mixing and Feeding System
2.  Primary Extruder (¢120 Singer Screw or ¢150 Singer Screw)
3.  Metering System (Special for CO2 Technology or others)
4.  Hydraulic screen Exchanger
5.  Touch Screen Controller
6.  Secondary Extruder(¢150 Single Screw or ¢200 Single Screw)
7.  Static Mixer
8.  Slot Die (Temperature control is necessary)
9.  Calibrator
10. First Haul off System
11. Cooling Roller
12. Width Cutting Machine
13. Second Haul Off system
14. Cross Cutting Machine

Optional Equipment

1.  Automatic Feeding Machine
2.  Surface Grooving Machine
3.  Surface Milling Machine
4.  Edge Trimming Machine (SL, TG, RC)
5.  Milling Machine
6.  Embossing Machine
7.  Auto stacker
8.  Slice Cutting Machine
9.  Powder Recycling & Granulating Unit (High Capacity5-6ton/day)
10. Margin Recycle Machine
90C Cutting Machine

Advantage from Feininger XPS production line

What does the machine do?

  The machine produce the XPS Foam Board, also called XPS Rigid Insulation Board. Rely on the excellent function of heat insulation, damp proof and sound insulation, high compressive strength, it has been used in the steel construction workshop, iron sheet house ,colored ripple tile, refrigeration storehouse, highway, airport, the ventilation piping of central air conditioner…..The more application, the bigger market.
What is our design ideal?

Stability, Efficiency, Saving Energy, Environmental Protection.

Why we recommend the Twin screw?

Perfect Twin Screw design special for the XPS Extrusion Line, not only enhance the excellent mixing, but also accelerate the feeding of the material. At the same time, its Screw material make sure the wearable function, its variable design make sure the easy to change the broken parts separately, save more cost. In one word, twin screw technology bears the qualified product and less cost.

Why choose Feininger?

1. We are the strongest XPS supplier, produce the NO.1 class XPS board by our own machinery.
2. Specialist in XPS industry, more than 10 years practice experience.
3. Professional R&D center and service support team.
4. More than 500 lines Successful running line around the world.
5. Recycle material is acceptable to the line.
6. Lowest Energy consumption.


Product Specifications

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