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 SMT Automatic Printing Equipment

SMT Automatic Printing Equipment

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Product description:
1. servo system is easy to use and accurate positioning.
2. The precision guide and Panasonic inverter motor to drive the blade holder to ensure printing precision.
3. Squeegee can be rotated 45 degrees upward fixed , easy printing stencil and squeegee cleaning and replacement .
4. front seat can adjust the blade to choose the right printing position .
5. modular printing platen has a fixed groove and PIN, easy installation and adjustment, suitable for single , printed double panel.
6. printing speed display can be adjusted .
7. The Mitsubishi FX series PLC and touch screen control, simple , convenient and more suitable for human-computer dialogue.
8. unidirectional and bidirectional can set a variety of printing methods .
9. with automatic counting function to facilitate production output statistics .
10. blade angle adjustable, steel scraper, rubber scraper are suitable .
11. touch screen with screen saver function, time can be adjusted to protect the life of the touch screen .
12. rub network with alarm function, easy to scrub stencil on time , to ensure the printing quality.
13. unique AE program designed to facilitate the printing squeegee seat adjustment.

Model V-3188
Printing tab sizes 300×400mm
Frame Size 370×470mm、420×520mm、550×650mm
P C B size 250×330mm
P C B Thickness 0.2-2.2mm
Fixed Printing Position PCB Outer Or Pin Positioning
Adjusting for table Front/Back±10mm R/L±10mm
Printing Accuracy ±0.05mm
Machines Repeat Precision ±0.02mm
Minimum Separation 0.35mm
Air Pressure 4-6Kgf/Cm2
Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz 100W
Machine Dimensions L×W×H 900×900×1650mm
Machine Weight 250Kg

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