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Chinese Medicine Extract Spray Dryer

Chinese Medicine Extract Spray Dryer

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Chinese medicine extract special dryer is designed to solve the traditional Chinese medicine extract and plant extract spray dryer. It solves the extract of Chinese medicine material in the original high-speed spray dryer in the production of LPG in the following situations occur:
1, sticky wall materials, received powder is low;
2, the material in the wall to stay a long time, resulting in the phenomenon of coking deterioration
3, difficult to clean, does not meet the GMP requirements;
4, receiving difficult, easy to agglomerate;
5, the yield is low: If the LPG-150-type spray drier, its output can only handle 50-60kg / h liquid.
Given the above situation, I plant materials according to the nature of traditional Chinese medicine extract and process requirements. Designed a special extract of Chinese medicine dryer, dry the material color is good, not bad, greatly enhance the economic efficiency of the plant, extract of traditional Chinese medicine and LPG High Speed ??Centrifugal Spray Dryer spray dryer has the following characteristics:
1, using three air purification, the inlet air to reach 300 000 requirements;
2, using a cold-wall installations, the wall temperature reaches 80 ℃, no coking materials remain in the wall;
3, the entire volume of the original LPG centrifugal spray of 1.5-2.5 times the standard;
4, the tower, pipe cleaning hole with a quick open and sewage holes, suitable for multi-product production requirements;
5, dust with a wet dust, so that no dust out, in line with environmental requirements;
6, the use of air sweeping device, the effect is more satisfactory;
7, atomizer using frequency control;
8, using a PLC control system screen display;
9, parts in contact with the material of stainless steel; (or all stainless steel)
10, the use of desiccant dry air or under dense material enclosed conveyor;

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