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160 lpi 0.25mm 3d lenticular lens PET lenticular film sheet

160 lpi 0.25mm 3d lenticular lens PET lenticular film sheet

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  • 160 lpi 0.25mm 3d lenticular lens PET lenticular film sheet

Product Features

160 line (LPI), PET, lenticular lenses,known as the top domestic injection molding lenticular production technology, the ??thickness is0.18mm, in all of lenticular lenses, the highest number of lines, the thinnest thickness ,so that, currently,A handful of manufacturers to be able to use it to print out high-quality lenticular products.
Information belows:
200 LPI
Standard Size: length*width(mm)
The scope of width(mm)
width:680 ~ 1200mm
no limit of length
Thickness (mm)
Viewing angle(o)
Viewing distance(m)
0.15 ~ 1.0 m
The best storing temperature (oC)
23 ~ 30 oC
The best storing moisture(%)
Direction of line
lenticular line in parallel with length
200lpi lenticular is very thin thick,more's suitable for high DPI printing,also fit for depth 3d effect,flip effect,zoom effect,animation effect and so on.
Standard size 0.48*0.68m(width*length),Any size and lpi also can be customized as per your requirment.

200lpi 0.15-0.18mm lenticular film,it be made of PET material,the thickness is very thin about 0.15-0.18mm,Due to it has high technology,so it can be used to many important industry and printing.for lenticular effects,ZOOM,MORPH, ANIMATION, DEPTH 3D,FILP EFFECT,PET MATERIAL
Size can be customized

Lenticular lens sheet:3d lenticular board and lenticular sheet.lenticular board:10LPI,12LPI,15LPI,16LPI,18LPI,20LPI,25LPI,32LPI,40LPI,42LPI,50LPI,53LPI,60LPI lenticular sheets:40LPI,50LPI,70LPI,75LPI,90LPI,100LPI,161LPI,200LPI

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