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Baoji Ruicheng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.
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Ruthenium-Series Coated Titanium Anode

Ruthenium-Series Coated Titanium Anode

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Ruthenium-series coated titanium anode
Ruthenium-coated titanium electrode is also called metal anode and is generally called as DSA (dimensionally stable anode) at home and abroad, which coats Ru and IR on the titanium product. It is well-known that titanium-base platinum-plated insoluble anode is generally used in noble metal electrode-plating, which has advantages of good stability and corrosion resistance and is suitable for various mediums, and is easy to maintain and manage but is comparatively expensive. Ruthenium-coated titanium electrode produced by Baoji Ruicheng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. is economic and practical, and has excellent electro-chemical activity and strong corrosion resistance; The electrode is suitable to plating liquid of various mediums, with high oxygen evolution over-potential and passivating resistance. The product, with advanced technology, mature process, reliable quality and rational price, is popular in customers, and the product has the following advantages:
Iridium titanium anode
1. Substrate: Gr1 titanium
2. Shape: Mesh, Plate, Basket, Bar, Tube
Iridium titanium anode
General Introduction
Material Gr1 titanium
Coating Iridium-Tantalum, Ruthenium-Iridium, Ruthenium-Iridium-Titanium, Ruthenium oxide, Iridium oxideas coating
Technology Sand blasting, Acid washing and brush coating
Dimension According to customers' drawing
Shape of base material Sheet, pipe, rod, wire and mesh
Parameter 1. Current density≤ 2000A/m2
2. pH 0.1-14
3. Max content of fluoride ion is 200PPM
Electrolyte Salt water/ Saline solution/Brine/Sea water
Advantages 1. Improved resistance for oxygen/chlorine mixed evolution
2. Range of compositions for various duties available
3. Improved resistance in acidic media
4. Low wear rate
1. High corrosion resisting
2. High current efficiency
3. Long working life
4. High current density
5. Light-weight
6. Stable operating voltage
7. The base material can be reused
1. Water (Brine and Sea wate

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