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End Reflectors

End Reflectors

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Product Features

End reflectors are key optical components in laser resonators.They usually has high reflectance of 99.5% or 99.7%. Because absorption in the coating is higher than in the output coupler, substrate materials, such as Ge or GaAs, with high thermal conductivity are used in most lasers.


Material Ge or GaAs
Diameter Tolerances  +.000”, -.005” 
Thickness Tolerances ±.010”
Parallelism  < 3 arc minutes
Surface Quality < 40/20 scratch – dig Laser Finish
Spectral Performance
SIDE 1 Reflectance and tolerance listed as below
99%         ±1.0%
99.5%       ±0.2%
99.7%       ±0.1%
Standard high efficiency low loss anti-reflectance
AR-coating for 10.6µm
Total finish part Absorption < .15%
Angle Of Incidence Normal incidence (0°)

Product Specifications

P/N Substrate Dia Edge Thickness Radius Coating
(mm) Side1/Side2 Side1/Side2
RM-1024-15-99.5 GE 25.4mm 6mm 15MCC/PO 99.5%R/AR
RM-1024-18-99.5 GE 25.4mm 6mm 18MCC/PO 99.5%R/AR
RM-1122-20-99.5 GE 27.94mm 5.59mm 20MCC/PO 99.5%R/AR
RM-1122-15-0.6-99.5 GE 27.94mm 5.59mm 15MCC/0.6MCX 99.5%R/AR
RM-1124-20-99.5 GE 27.94mm 6mm 20MCC/PO 99.5%R/AR
RM-1124-30-99.5 GE 27.94mm 6mm 30MCC/PO 99.5%R/AR
RM-1224-15-99.5 GE 30mm 6mm 15MCC/PO 99.5%R/AR
RM-1224-20-99.5 GE 30mm 6mm 20MCC/PO 99.5%R/AR
RM-1224-30-99.5 GE 30mm 6mm 30MCC/PO 99.5%R/AR
RM-1532-15-99.5 GE 38.1mm 8mm 15MCC/PO 99.5%R/AR
RM-1532-20-99.5 GE 38.1mm 8mm 20MCC/PO 99.5%R/AR
RM-1532-35-99.5 GE 38.1mm 8mm 35MCC/PO 99.5%R/AR
RM-1532-51.6-99.5 GE 38.1mm 8mm 51.6MCC/PO 99.5%R/AR
RM-2038-30-99.5 GE 50.8mm 9.525mm 30MCC/PO 99.5%R/AR
RM-1124-15-0.75-99.7 GaAs 27.94mm 6mm 15MCC/0.75MCX 99.7%R/AR
RM-1124-15-29.54"-99.7 GE 27.94mm 6mm 15MCC/29.54"CX 99.7%R/AR
RM-1524-30-99.7 GaAs 38.1mm 6mm 30MCC/PO 99.7%R/AR
RM-42-6-30-99.7 GaAs 1.65" 6mm 30MCC/PO 99.7%R/AR

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