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 8 Port LCD KVM Switch

8 Port LCD KVM Switch

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8 Port LCD KVM Switch
.8 Port LCD KVM Switch can manage up to 256 computers.
.8 Port LCD KVM Switch only authorized users can view and manage on-line computer.
.15",17",19"LCD display/Touchpad mouse/104 Keyboard with Digital Zone/ CAT switch .
.Using RJ-45 interface,the CAT5/CAT5E/CAT6 UTP cable are connected to the host computer,control distance is up to 20M.
.With 21 electronic gain adjustment, it can avoid signal attenuation caused by distance problems .
.Support DDC2B.the 8 Port LCD KVM Switch can detect the screen model without switching the computer.
.Dual interface PS / 2 , USB keyboard and mouse are connected to control computer.
.8 Port LCD KVM Switch withdrawing installation design, the length can be adjusted to fit the rack space.
.Humanized design,can be installed and removed by only one person.which improves the efficiency of the administrator.
.To switch the host computer though the hotkey or OSD menu.
.Password security protection.
.Support a variety of brand industrial computer and the server,such as Siwei,EVOC,Lenovo,IBM,DELL,HP,SUN,etc.
.8 Port LCD KVM Switch support various operating system: Microsoft, Linux, Unix, etc.

Ordering information:
1:KVM-1508H 15"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power
2:KVM-1508P 15"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power
3:KVM-1708H 17"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power
4:KVM-1708P 17"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power
5:KVM-1908H 19"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power
6:KVM-1908P 19"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power

We produce many LCD KVM switch, more questions, welcome to consult


      KVM-1701P          KVM-1704P              KVM-1708P               KVM- 1716 P
Computer Connections:
  Direct 1, Max: 4   Direct 4, Max: 128    Direct 8, Max: 256    Direct 16, Max: 512
  Cable port:
  D- SUB 15 (LCD, PS11/USB keyboard, mouse).OSD switch Support.
  Switch mode:
  Hotkey, OSD menu
  Switch Scan Time:
  1-255 second (OSD adjustable)
  LCD Display:
  17" TFT LCD   Resolution : 1280*1024 Brightness:300nits Contrast:700:1
  104 Mechanical mute Keyboard Touchpad
  AC100-240V 47-63Hz, 35W
  Cabinet Material:
  high-strength and Anti-corrosive steel plate
  Color :
  Insulated black paint (other colors optional) 
  Dimension ( L x W x H ):
  For Cabinet:
  Storage temperature:
  work temperature:
Ordering information 
1:KVM-1701P        17"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power
2:KVM-1704P        17"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power/4 Port Switch
3:KVM-1708P        17"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power/8 Port Switch
4:KVM-1716P        17"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power/16 Port Switch

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