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CMT Cutting Machine Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
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  • Established date: 2011
China CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

China CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

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Product Features

CNC Water Jet Cutting Machines can be used for cutting any profiles with accuracy and almost any material. The flexibility and reliability of the process enables it to be used in both high volume production situations and in lower volume custom, creative applications.
Main benefits of waterjet cutting are:

Fast setup-- low tangential forces often eliminate the need for clamping.
Burr-free finishing-- eliminates any need for secondary surface finishing for most applications.
No heat affected zones-- easy for the secondary cutting if required.
Eliminates the need to sharpen tools.
Ideal for quick prototype, flexible production and proven for high volume production.
Wide application and can cut almost all kinds of materials and even 200mm thick stainless steel.
To learn more about water jet cutting, please visit our website or search CMT Cutting Machine Tools Co., Ltd to contact us for more information.
Partially Machine Technical Data

Model CMT-F1212 CMT-F1225 CMT-F1830 CMT-G2515 CMT-G3020 CMT-4020

Structure F-Flying arm F- Flying arm F- Flying arm G-Gantry G-Gantry G-Gantry
Journey X 1250mm (48〃) 1250mm (48〃) 1850mm (72〃) 2500mm (96〃) 3050mm (120〃) 4000mm (156〃)
Y 1250mm (48〃) 2500mm (96〃) 3050mm (120〃) 1525mm (60〃) 2000mm (78〃) 2000mm (78〃)
Z 155mm (6〃) 155mm (6〃) 155mm (6〃) 200mm (8〃) 200mm (8〃) 200mm (8〃)
CNC Windows XP. Japan servo motors, G-code running and PC based Windows XP
Accuracy Control ±0.01mm
Repeatability ±0.05mm
Cutting ±0.1mm
Idle running speed 0~6m/min 0~8m/min 0~8m/min 0~10m/min 0~15m/min 0~15m/min
High pressure pump KMT Jetline 50HP (37kw).55k psi,3 shifts
Power supply 380V/50Hz/3ph or as request, 50KVA
Different table size, high pressure pump and CNC can be customized according to the application and budget of the customers.
Other features such as dual cutting heads, drilling or tapping cutting head, submerged cutting, skip&float for uneven plate cutting and so on are available upon request

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