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industrial grade light Magnesium oxide(mgo) 92%,95%,98%

industrial grade light Magnesium oxide(mgo) 92%,95%,98%

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Product Features

Magnesium oxide industrial grade 92%,95%,96%

kinds of light magneisum oxide offer you.

1/ simple introduction:


Appearance; white powder

Purity: 90%-----99.9%

Feature: low iron, low calcium and fine powder ,low bulk densinty(below 0.3g/ml)

2/ Application:

1 Rubber -specific MgO

2 Tire-specific MgO

3 Wire & Cable-specific MgO

4 Conveyer Belt-specific MgO

5 Adhesive-specific MgO (Magnesium Oxide)

6 Glass fiber reinforced plastics-specific MgO (Magnesium Oxide)

7 Medical rubber stopper-specific MgO

8 Catalyst-specific MgO

9 fluorescent powder -specific MgO

10 Ceramics-specific MgO

11 Polymer resin -specific MgO

12 Friction material-specific MgO

13 Silicon Steel MgO-specific MgO

14 Dye-specific MgO

15 Coating-specific MgO

16 Grinding wheel-specific MgO

17 Feed-specific MgO

18 Medicine-specific MgO

19 Lithium magnesium silicate-specific MgO

20 Ginseng decolor-specific MgO

21 Fungicide-specific MgO

22 Daily use goods-specific MgO

23 Magnesium stearate-specific MgO

3 /Production of magnesium oxide

Raw material: dolomite, brine, brucite,crude magnesite

Intermediate: magnesium hydroxide(Mg(OH)2)

Decomposition Mg(OH)2 : getting Mgo

4 /Quality control

inspect Raw material

Inspect Semi-product

Inspect finished product

Print qualified label
Inspect package and products when shipment

5/ free sample: no more than 1kg

My factory advantages is:

1/ Our company is the drafter of the national Active Magnesium Oxide industry standard HG/T3928-2007

2/ Our company is the reviser of the national Magnesium

3/ We are the top seller of Magnesium Oxide in china

4/ We are the No.1 in the Magnesium Oxide market share

5/ our raw materials come from Qinghai which is pollution free area and other high quality supplierS and import raw meterials from Ube Material Industries, Ltd, Integrated with advanced technology.

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