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7" LCD Touch Screen GPS /GSM/GPRS Mobile Data Terminal

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 1
  • FOB Port : Taiwan
  • Made In : Taiwan(TW)

Product Features

7" GPS/GSM/GPRS Mobile Data Terminal
ARM926 Window CE 5.0
NET Compact Framework 3.5
GPS Module + SIM Card

7" GPS/GSM/GPRS Mobile Data Terminal
ARM926 Window CE 5.0
NET Compact Framework 3.5
GPS Module + SIM Card

400MHz 32bit RISC architecture ARM926EJ CPU core
2GB NAND Flash / 64 MB DDRII / 512KB SRAM
8 interruptible key pad
4 x IO / 1 x Host USB / Device USB / 3 x RS232
On board GSM / GPS module
7" TFT 16: 9 display with 800 x 480 resolution
DSP based audio codec via IIS-bus interface
Built-in 2W amplifier / earphone
Support SD / HS-MMC card
4-wired touch panel interface(option)
9V~28V DC requirement
Backup charger circuit inside
With car holder

(2)Hardware Specifications
32 bit RISC architecture ARM926EJ CPU core
64-way associative cache with I-cache (16KB)
And D-cache (16KB) 400MHz CPU clock
B)OS Memory
WINCE 5.0 with 2GB NAND Flash memory
C)System Memory
16-bit 64MB / 133MHz DDRII memory
D)SD / MMC Card Socket
Support SD / MMC host interface
Compatible with SD memory protocol and SD
Media card protocol
E)External Setting Connector
Support JTAG for debug and USB (device) for system setting
F)Serial Ports
Support 2 x 3-wired DMA-based operation UART
One UART fully compatible 16C550
G)USB Ports
Support 1 x USB host compatible with USB 1.1
H)Audio Codec
Support DSP based processing stereo codec with
SNR 102dB DAC / differential microphone input
Software programmable volume control and mute
Control Dual channels 2 watts speaker output
Support 4 photo-couple input and 4 photo-couple
J)Key Pads
Support 8 interrupted based capacitive touch sensor
Keys with LED backlight
Support 16M color TFT at 18bpp mode with resolution 800 x 480
Or equvalence LED backlight supported
L)GSM Module
Tri-Band wireless module supporting 900/1800/1900MHz
Default(or 850 / 1800 / 1900MHz )
Support Voice / SMS / CS Data / GPRS mode
Built-in TCP / IP stack speed design of M2M application
Support passive antenna
M)GPS Module
Support GPS module with 16 channels ANTARIS 4 receiver
Engine (or 50 channels receiver engine) with passive antenna
Support GGA / RMC / TXT / GLL / GSA / GSV / VTG message
Sensitivity of tracking -158dBm ~ -160dBm
Support active antenna
Provide ABS 94V0 chassis with 2 x serial ports, 1 x 8 isolated IO,
2 x USB device, 1 x USB host, 1 x DC Power port and
1 x Power switch Built-in metal or equivalence for EMC / EMI
O)Power Requirement
DC9V~DC28V power requirement with short-circuit protection
Battery Power ( option Top: TFT -20° C - 70° C )
Support 2200/4400mAh polymer battery with low voltage and thermal protection
Support constant voltage regulation / constant current charging
And auto-termination charger
P)Operating Temperature
Industrial: TFT -20° C ~ 85° C T/P -20° C ~ 60° C
Car: TFT -30° C ~ 80° C T/P -30° C ~ 80° C

Product Specifications

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