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Scintillation crystals

Scintillation crystals

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  • Scintillation crystals

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As nuclear radiation detection materials, scintillation crystals can be applied to various radiation detection fields. Environmental monitoring, petroleum logging, nuclear medicine, high energy physics, security inspection, anti-terrorism and nuclides identification and etc.
*Customized sizes are available according to customer's requirement.
Features of LaBr3:Ce (LBC) crystal:
1. Better energy resolution than other crystals
2. High light output, 1.4-1.6 times as much as that of NaI:Tl
3. Low decay time, only 1/20-1/10 of NaI:Tl
4. Simultaneous measurement of energy spectrum and time spectrum
Features of CeBr3 crystal:
1. High energy resolution, comparable to that of LaBr3:Ce
2. Low decay time, comparable to that of LaBr3:Ce
3. Better time resolution
4. Better background radiation than LaBr3:Ce and LaCl13:Ce, comparable to that of NaI:Tl
Features of LYSO crystal:
1. High light output, 3-4 times as much as that of BGO
2. High density, stable physicochemical properties, not deliquescent
3. High energy resolution for gamma ray
4. Good matching with APD or PMT

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