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Phosphor For Lamp, LED, PDP CRT And Ink

Phosphor For Lamp, LED, PDP CRT And Ink

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Phosphor For Lamp, LED, PDP CRT And Ink
Code No. Chemical name/Chemical Formula Emission color Emission peak
Phosphors for daylight fluorescent lamps
Calcium halo phosphate phosphors
Phosphors for colored lamps, high pressure mercury lamps, printing and etc.
JUP-1110 ---Blue--- 417nm
JUP-1112 ---Blue--- 440nm
JUP-1103 ---Blue--- 447nm
JUP-1105 ---Blue--- 452nm
JUP-1150 ---Blue--- 502nm
JUP-1200 ---Green ---525nm
JUP-1310 ---Orange red--- 619nm
JUP-1320 ---Orange red--- 625nm
JUP-1325 ---red---626nm
JUP-1330 --- Orange red--- 630nm
JUP-1350 ---Red--- 655nm
JUP-1360 --- Red--- 660nm
JUP-1400 ---Yellow ---568nm

Tri-phosphors (triband) for saving energy lamps, CFL( compact fluorescent lamps), colored lamp, tri-phosphor component, printing and etc.
JUP-1103 ---Blue---447nm
JUP-1105 ---Blue--- 452nm
JUP-1107 ---Blue--- 450nm
JUP-1108 ---Blue--- 450/515nm
JUP-1210 ---Green ---543nm
JUP-1340 ---Red--- 611nm

Code/ Composition/ Emission(nm)/color Color/ Temperature
JUP-1092 /Triband blend /Warm White/ 2700K
JUP-1093 /Triband blend /White /3500K
JUP-1094 /Triband blend /Cool White /4000K
JUP-1096 /Triband blend /Daylight/ 6400-6500K

Phosphors for ultraviolet ray lamps (UV lamps)
JUP-1810 ---UV--- 313nm
JUP-1820 ---UV--- 355nm
JUP-1830 --- UV ---366nm
JUP-1840 ---UV--- 368nm

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