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  • Established date: 2002
 AnaJet MPower 5 Garment Printer

AnaJet MPower 5 Garment Printer

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Product Features

New High-Speed industrial Garment Printer from AnaJet. I know this is going to premiere at the Long Beach show...can't wait to hear peoples reactions. Here's a taste of the press release.

The mPower mP10 being demonstrated at the show prints a typical color graphic in about 34 seconds. The entry level mP5 requires about double that time, keeping pace with the fastest digital apparel printers.

“Both mPower printers use specially-engineered industrial-strength print heads to increase production speed, significantly reduce clogging, and eliminate costly maintenance cycles,” said Don Rasmussen, co-founder and Director of Engineering at AnaJet, Inc. “As a result, users can rapidly print one-off designs for market testing or reel off hundreds of units in a day, with little or no downtime during the workday.”

AnaJet created the mPower line to support businesses in the screen printing, embroidery, promotional product distribution, quick print shop and sign making industries. “mPower offers a compelling value proposition to these businesses,” said Greg Nathanson, President of AnaJet, Inc. “No other garment printer manufacturer can offer the combination of speed, production readiness, durability and customer support at this price point.”

The mPower’s industrial-strength print heads tolerate high-pressure cleaning, which means less manual maintenance and downtime for cleaning. In addition, the advanced closed-loop ink delivery system enables ink recirculation for all channels. That means less clogging, less maintenance and more precision printing.

The new printers also offer total control of ink flow and ink drop size, which enables users to determine the ideal saturation for prints. Print settings for 300, 600 and 1200 dpi reproduce stunning colors and brilliant whites. AnaJet’s PowerBRIGHT? water-based, pigmented CMYK and white inks show up equally vibrant on light .

Price: $6500

Product Specifications

Anajet mp5 is the fastest digital garment decoration printer in its class. Print a 12"x10" graphic in as little as 16 seconds, and print digital quality graphics on black and dark garments in 60-90 seconds or less (one pass for a white base, the second pass for color).

-Print table / maximum image area: 14"W x 18"L / 35.6cmX 45.7cm
-Print head technology: Industrial grade piezo electric drop on demand inkjet
-Resolution settings: 300, 600 (standard) 1200dpi
-Ink: PowerBRIGHT water-based pigmented CMYK & white inks
-Channels of ink: 6 channels with 192 injectors/channel
-Typical print speed: 68 Seconds in 12" x 14" graphic
-Connectivity: USB 2.0 and Ethernet; supports USB drive and SD memory card upload
-Required operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
-Required graphics application: Any Windows - compliant graphic software
-Supported file types: TIFF, PNG, JPG, PDF
-Electrical requirements: 110 / 240VAC50~60Hz, 1.2A max
-Dimensions: 50.3cm x 107.4cm x 111.8cm
-Weight: 180lb / 81.6kg

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