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Microcrystalline Corundum for Abrasive material

Microcrystalline Corundum for Abrasive material

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Single Crystal Corundum

Single Crystal Aluminum Oxide (SA) for Abrasive material /Single Crystal Aluminum Oxide /SA 32A /Mono-crystalline fused alumina

Single Crystal Corundum

is a kind of abrasive produced by fusing calcined alumina by the Bayers process

in the producing process. And then by crushing and sizing to desired grain size. Single crystal fused alumina has high hardness and unique micro fracturing containing of well grown micro

crystalline structure. Single crystal fused alumina generates many new cutting edges. It is suitable for a

wide variety uses from gerneral grinding to precision grinding of high hardness tool steels.


   Base mineral: alpha-Al2O3

   Crystal size(um): monocry stalline

   True density(g/cm^3): > 3.95

   Bulk density(g/cm3^): 1.85 ~ 1.91

   Knoop hardness(kg/mm^2): 2200 ~ 2400

   Toughness (single grain crushing strength)(kg): 1.20

   Grit Size/Weight %/Chem. Comp. Al2O3

   24# ~ 90# >= 98.5

   100# ~ 240# >= 98.0

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