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Turf Reinforcement Blanket

Turf Reinforcement Blanket

Business Information

  • Price : $2.95 USD
  • Certificate : CE, ISO 9001
  • Made In : Taiwan(TW)
  • Packaging : roll (2M x 50M)
  • Delivery Time : as confirmation

Product Features

●Easier to install
●Effective on less prepared, uneven surfaces
● Provides fiber reinforcement to soils
● More efficient transportation and storage

 Erosion Blanket CYTT2-5PP is great performance turf reinforcement blanket which consist of 100% mattress grade polypropylene fiber mechanically bound and covered on both side by black polypropylene netting. The green polypropylene fiber is homogeneously blended and evenly distributed throughout the blanket. These elements allow Erosion Control Blanket to not only control erosion on slopes, but also enhance seed propagation. The hair-lie web of green fiber mixes with and conforms to the soil surface, creating a root –like matrix. This matrix locks seed and fertilizer into the soil and holds the system in place for maximum germination and protection from runoff.

 Material : Top Net: PP black Net

                Fill Layer: Green PP Fiber

                Bottom Net: PP Black Net

Application : Banks Protection of Canal, Stream, River

                 Erosion Control of Steep Slopes

                 Banks Protection of Detention Pond


Roll Size : 2M (W) x 50M (L)


with United States Patent

Erosion Control products also include other items as Geocomposites Mat, Erosion Control Mat & Vegetation Mat. If have interesting, we will provide details for reference.


All products made in Taiwan and are certified by famous laboratories as,EQA, TUV and ERA technology as well our factory facilities are accordance with ISO 9001 and CE. 

Product Specifications

Top Net: PP black Net
Fill Layer: Green PP Fiber
Bottom Net: PP Black Net

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