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Network Proximity Controller

Network Proximity Controller

Business Information

  • Certificate : CE,FCC,RoHS,RoHS
  • Made In : Taiwan(TW)

Product Features

Network Proximity Controller with Anti-duress Function and LED Display Screen

Waterproof design for installation of indoors or outdoors
Anti-duress function
User is able to enter specific password to send help signal
Built-in doorbell push button
LED display screen
Display time when standby
Display card number when access
Networking with computer for instant data inquiry/setting, open/close door, alarm triggered, and more
Available for stand alone operation
Maximum of 5,000 records of data (stand alone)
Unlimited records of data (networking)
Detailed information of each card access time
Maximum of 2,000 cards for proximity unit
Each card is able to set its personal password and valid access time frames
Access data includes card number, password, time frame, holidays, error control, and more
Detection data includes unit is being tampered, unauthorized door open, door-opened exceeding time, anti duress, anti-theft detection, and push button door open
48 time frames available to set
Each time frame has five time zones
Self-testing function
Single card proximity entry, single card number entry, or batch entry and cards are able to issue in advance
Door open methods: proximity, proximity and password, push button, door open by the command of compute
External sub-reader connectible
One proximity reader can be added to the sub-reader for controlling of entry and exit
Simple attendance function
The day’s first and last data as attendance data (available in text file when exporting)
Maximum proximity distance: 10cm (125KHz), 5cm (13.56MHz) (depending on types of card)

Product Specifications

Network Proximity Controller

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