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hydrogen oxygen gas generator-605T

hydrogen oxygen gas generator-605T

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  • hydrogen oxygen gas generator-605T

Product Features

Zhengzhou sofine precision machinery Co.,Ltd has been specialized in developing,designing,producing hydrogen oxygen gas generator for nearly 17 years with high-class technical support and after sales services.

Electrolytic voltage of newly stainless steel electrolytic tank is DC 24V, which makes much lower electrolytic current accounting for one fifth of the original. Meanwhile, lower current makes power supply more stable and longer lifetime, and makes higher gas output efficiency comparing with the previous design.

Since 2005, hydrogen oxygen gas generator’s production and sales has been ranking first in domestic market.

Newly functions of hydrogen oxygen gas generator include:
1.power ( gas output ) adjusting valve
2.water-lacking alarm
3.Flashback arrestor can be cleaned,even jammed
4.Damper inside the flame torch can also be changed
5.LCD screen shows gas output production velocity and all tanks’ electrolytic current. The operator can monitor the machine and watch each electrolytic tank’s current through LCD screen.

tech data of hydrogen oxygen gas generator- 605T
power input: 220V±10% or 220V±10%
frequency: 50 HZ / 60 HZ
gas output: ?600 L/H
electrolytic tank volume: 10.8 L
water feeding tank volume: 3.6 L
number of electrolytic tank: 6
number of water feeding tank: 1
size: 104 cm × 31 cm × 54 cm
weight: 34kg

If interested in hydrogen oxygen gas generator, please contact us directly:
webs : www.sofinemaking.com
Email: sofinemaking@gmail.com
Skype: hydrogenoxygen2001
Phone: 008613103855470

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