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water welding machine water welder micro flame welder

water welding machine water welder micro flame welder

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Product Features

Water welding machine,also named micro flame welder or water welder, has been manufactured by JinDian for over 8 years and is acknowledged as an extremely safe, reliable and cost effective way of producing a oxyhyrogen flame of 2800℃.
The flame size can be adjusted through a range of simply fitting torch tips or the turning valve on the flame torch..
Four different models of Water Welder are available.The largest machines have the facility for multi-operators use.
Using electrolysis of water, mixed hydrogen oxygen gas is produced only when required.The machine requires a standard electrical supply, water and electrolyte which doesn’t decrease in the process of electrolying water.
Water Welder is protected by an overpressure control linked into an electrial circuit breaker,such that, in the unlikely event of an overpressure condition arising the machine switches off and locks off automatically.
A blowback arrestor is fitted into the torch as a safeguard to the operator and also to prevent damage to the equipment.
The pressure gauge show the pressure condition and the liquid-crystal displays electric current condition.
Typicle Uses
1.Welding and fusing Enamel Wires
2.Melting Gold,Platinum,Silver in Making Jewelry Field
3.Sealing Machine for Small Quartz Glass Tube in Medicine Field
4.Chemical Laboratory for Making Hydrogen and Oxygen Gases
5.Polishing Large Area Acrylic Sheets or Acrylic Boards,upto 30mm thickness.Two operators can work using 1 set at the same time
Technical Information
Model: 205T
Power Rating: Less than 600 w
Gas Production Rate: 200L/H
Working Medium:Distilled Water or Boiled Water
Power Supply:110V-240V/50-60Hz
Operating Pressure: 0.17Mpa(Normal)
Water Consumption: 0.06L/H
Gross Weight: 26kg
External Dimensions: 62cm*38cm*52cm

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