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hydrogen oxygen gas generator with gas output up to 600 liter/hour

hydrogen oxygen gas generator with gas output up to 600 liter/hour

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  • Made In : China(CN)

Product Features

Hydrogen oxygen gas generator makes its own hydrogen oxygen gases from water ( Electrolysis of water produces mixed hydrogen oxygen gases ) and burns them in a flame torch producing a 3000 degree centigrade flame. No gas bottles required in their operation, neither is gas stored in the machine thus making it safe to use.

Five models of hydrogen oxygen gas generators are available with gas output ranging from 100 liter/hour to 600 liter/hour. All of them have passed CE safety and quality standards tested by SGS. The larger machines have the facility for multi operator use.

Special features of hydrogen oxygen gas generator:
- low running cost: only need water and electricity
- auto pressure control device linked into an electrical circuit breaker, such that, in the unlikely event of an overpressure condition arising the machine switches off automatically ; Once in the low pressure condition arising the machine switches on automatically.
- current adjusting valve adjusts current of electrolytic cells and gas production rate
- water lacking alarm: once waterline of the sight gauge reaches lowest waterline, water lacking alarm will alarm to inform the operator to add additional water into the electrolytic cells.
- flashback arrestor : outside machine there are two flashback arrestors.One big is connected hoses, and the other small is fitted inside of flame torch

Hydrogen oxygen gas generator's clean,precise, and about 3000 degree centigrade flame makes it suitable for various different applications that include:
- melting,welding or mending gold,silver,platinum jewelry
- welding metal wires,especially enameled(lacquered)copper wires, thermocouple manufacturing
- connecting terminals,spot welding
- sealing small glass bottles or quartz glass tubes
- polishing acrylic or perspex sheets or signs
- lost wax investment casting
- carbon cleaning for car's engine

For more information,please contact us:
English website: www.sofinemaking.com
email: sofinemaking@gmail.com

Product Specifications

Oxygen Hydrogen Flame Polisher can be used easily, safely, cleanly and effectively with water and electricity as fuel. It is light,energy saving,environmental friendly,safe and reliable.
Working Principle
Electrolysis of water produces mixed oxygen and hydrogen gases.
Typical Uses
Melting and Fusing of Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Their Spots and Face Welding
Acrylic Polishing:Polishing uneven and hard-to-reach area of acrylic products and acrylic parts without any residue;Any acrylic lettering
Hinging of Metal Frame
Cutting and Fusing of Quartz Glass (Silex)
Sealing of Small Glass Bottles
Superiority of Oxygen Hydrogen Flame Polisher
1.The flame of Oxygen Hydrogen Flame Polisher does not burst, and it is still and sootless.No carbon comes out from Brown Gas.
2.Oxygen Hydrogen Flame Polisher is suitable for indoor work because it is the most clean energy in comparison with any other energies. For example, emplyees of a work place in which workmen weld thousands of piping parts for air conditioner or refreezerator had suffer from headaches. However, the headaches was gone when they replace the gas by Brown Gas.
Economical Efficiency of Oxygen Hydrogen Flame Polisher
Monthly gas cost using Oxygen Hydrogen Flame Polisher is cheap, about 1/6 of LPG and about 1/17 of acetylene.
Operation Efficiency of Oxygen Hydrogen Flame Polisher
The flame is the pin-pointed with highly pureness and high temperature. It makes a straight on and has a fast flame speed and heat concentration.Those things make a good work accuracy and fast melting to save time, no metal deflection and no color change.
Technical Parameter:
Gas Output 100Liter/Hour
Volume 480*280*360mm
Weight 12kg
Working Voltage AC220V/50HZ
Flame Condition
Mixed hydrogen and oxygen;Blue Flame;
2800 Degree Centigrade

Supplement: It can work durably for 24 hours and voltage can be changed according to your requirements.

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