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cheap price solar fan &solar lighting system 220v soalr energy systems solar power system for home

cheap price solar fan &solar lighting system 220v soalr energy systems solar power system for home

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  • cheap price solar fan &solar lighting system 220v soalr energy systems solar power system for home

Product Features

3.malfunction record
4.charging mode set
5.discharging mode set
6.Security for never power cut
8.International certified products
9.strong load capacity
10.low loss,strong stability

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It is designed for anyone who would like the benefit of solar power to charge their batteries and the ability to use AC appliances when there is no utility power available. For example you can run a microwave, TV, blender, audio sound equipment, computers and more without any "utility grid power". This kit includes everything you need to install the solar system on a flat or pitched surface. while providing you with AC power without the noise of a generator or the fuel and maintenance cost that goes with it. It allows you to take full advantage of available  sunlight for faster charging and added reserve capacity.  


it is designed with the following features:

1. Integrated design, easy install and maintain.
2. charging mode: PV charge   /   PV+AC hybrid charge 
    work mode: DC first or AC first    to save energy to the most extent.
3. record the latest 10 times abnormal shutdown,  then we will provide solutions promtply.
4. Chinese & English LCD, backlight power saving mode, timing set, working mode set
5. query log: malfunction query log, battery discharge time query log.
6. with perfect protect functions 


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Solar power system model: TY080A
Product NameDescriptionQuantity(pcs)
Solar panel120W Poly crystalline1
  Mppt solar Controller12V10A1
solar Inverter350w  pure sine wave1
Lead acid battery12V100AH1
Solar bracketsaluminum alloy1
PV cables4mm²20m
How many kilowatt hours the solar system produce?
Daily production    360w-576w
Average monthly production                                            10.8kw-17.28kw
Expected annual production                                             131.4kw-210.24kw
AC charging current20A
Working modeDC first / AC first
Max. output power350w
Charging modesolar panel / AC&DC hybrid
Charging timeBy solar panel about 10 hours/By AC & DC hybrid about 3.3 hours.
Packing Information
Volume(m³)0.137 cbm/set
G.W.(kg)69.5 kg/set
Quantity/20GP182 set
Our warranty
Accessorybrackets, battery box, Lightning protection distribution box and PVcables 2 years warranty
Batterylead-acid battery, 3-5 years life span and 1 year warranty
Solar panel25 years life span and 5 years warranty
Controller10 years life span and 2 years warranty

10 years life span and 2 years warranty


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Our certificate

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1 [ Q: ] Are you factory?

[ A: ]We have our own factory,and we produce solar panel, controller and inverter, the battery is purchased from other factory.


2 [ Q: ] How long have your company speciallized in this field?  

[ A: ] We begain in 2007, and speciallized in PV power generation. 


3 [ Q: ] What advantages does your solar power system have?

[ A: ] Solar energy is a locally available renewable and free resource. Electricity produced by PV system is clean and silent. What’s more, the government has up to 40% allowance.


4 [Q:] What factors is related to generated energy of solar power system?

[A:]in addition to efficiency, another key point is the sunshine. The longer Sunshine time, the more generated energy. it is related to the intensity of sunshine as well, it is less in the morning and at night, more at noon; It is more in Summer and Autumn, less in Winter and Spring.


5 [ Q: ]What factors will influence the efficiency of solar power system?

Components efficiency of the system, weather,direction of the system, the installing angle, etc.


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