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Quality inspection services in Xiamen area, China inspection company

Quality inspection services in Xiamen area, China inspection company

Business Information

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  • Supply Capability : We offer many different kinds of quality control services in China : pre-production inspection, during production inspection ,final random inspection, pre-shipment inspection, container loading supervision, production monitoring, simple/extensive factory audit and many others.

Product Features

Professional Inspection Service in China

1) Pre-Production Inspection(PPI): An inspection of materials/components/accessories performed prior to mass production, or at the beginning of the production process.

2) During Production Inspection(DUPRO): Uncover problems during actual production and ensure that contractual obligations are being met.(Performed when about 20%-30% of production is completed)

3) Final Random Inspection(FRI) / Pre-Shipment Inspection(PSI): An inspection to guarantee the conformity of production to your specifications. (Performed when at least 80% of products are packed and ready for shipment)

4) Container Loading Supervision(CLS): Guarantee a secure loading for shipment and quality spot-checks are performed before loading to ensure your order meets your standards.

5) Factory Inspections: Comprehensive assessment of the production facilities and organization according to ISO 9000 standard.

We check wide range of consumer products, as below:

A. Hard goods:
Bags; Toys; Furniture; Giftware; Porcelain; Ceramic; Promotional products; Kitchen ware; Sporting goods; Crafts; Christmas items; Stationery; etc.

B. Electrical & Electronic goods:
Home appliances; Electrical audio and videos; Lightings; Electrical vehicles; Mobiles; Computer parts; Remote control toys; Electrical tools; Beauty products, etc.

C. Soft goods:
Fabric; Garments; Home textile; Bedding products; Shoes; Bags; Sportswear; Caps,etc.

Why choose HIS?
A. Expertise: we focus on consumer products and own experienced inspectors & engineers.
B. Price: we always provide very affordable price.
C. Personalization: custom-made solutions when needed.
D. Flexibility: tailoring our services to the particular needs of each individual client.
E. Faster: we issue formal report within 24 hours after inspection is completed.
F. Impartiality: our inspectors are strictly trained in anti-bribery aspect.

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