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Jota Bearing Co., Ltd.
  • Target Markets: -Europe -North and South America -Africa -Mid-East -East Asia
  • Business Type: Buying agent,Exporter,Manufacturer
  • OEM Services : Yes
  • Established date: 1991
Pillow block, Bearing, OEM bearing, Non-standard bearing

Pillow block, Bearing, OEM bearing, Non-standard bearing

Business Information

  • Made In : China(CN)

Product Features

Pressed bearings made from steel coils are case hardened, zinc plated and of high quality.These moderately priced bearings and skate wheels are suitable for light and medium duty applications.

Product Specifications

Pillow Blocks
Please send an inquiry if your bearing number is not on the list

UCP201 UCP305 UCPX05 UKP205+H2305 UKPX05+H2305 UKP305+H2305 UCPH201 UCPA201 UP000 SBPP201 UFL000 UCFL201 UCFL305 UCFLX05 UKFL205+H2305 UKFL305+H2305 UKFLX05+H2305 UKF205+H2305 UKF305+H2305 UKFX05+H2305 UCFA201 UCFC201 UCFCX05 UKFC205+H2305 UCF305
UCP202 UCP306 UCPX06 UKP206+H2306 UKPX06+H2306 UKP306+H2306 UCPH202 UCPA202 UP001 SBPP202 UFL001 UCFL202 UCFL306 UCFLX06 UKFL206+H2306 UKFL306+H2306 UKFLX06+H2306 UKF206+H2306 UKF306+H2306 UKFX06+H2306 UCFA202 UCFC202 UCFCX06 UKFC206+H2306 UCF306
UCP203 UCP307 UCPX07 UKP207+H2307 UKPX07+H2307 UKP307+H2307 UCPH203 UCPA203 UP002 SBPP203 UFL002 UCFL203 UCFL307 UCFLX07 UKFL207+H2307 UKFL307+H2307 UKFLX07+H2307 UKF207+H2307 UKF307+H2307 UKFX07+H2307 UCFA203 UCFC203 UCFCX07 UKFC207+H2307 UCF307
UCP204 UCP308 UCPX08 UKP208+H2308 UKPX08+H2308 UKP308+H2308 UCPH204 UCPA204 UP003 SBPP204 UFL003 UCFL204 UCFL308 UCFLX08 UKFL208+H2308 UKFL308+H2308 UKFLX08+H2308 UKF208+H2308 UKF308+H2308 UKFX08+H2308 UCFA204 UCFC204 UCFCX08 UKFC208+H2308 UCF308
UCP205 UCP309 UCPX09 UKP209+H2309 UKPX09+H2309 UKP309+H2309 UCPH205 UCPA205 UP004 SBPP205 UFL004 UCFL205 UCFL309 UCFLX09 UKFL209+H2309 UKFL309+H2309 UKFLX09+H2309 UKF209+H2309 UKF309+H2309 UKFX09+H2309 UCFA205 UCFC205 UCFCX09 UKFC209+H2309 UCF309
UCP206 UCP310 UCPX10 UKP210+H2310 UKPX10+H2310 UKP310+H2310 UCPH206 UCPA206 UP005 SBPP206 UFL005 UCFL206 UCFL310 UCFLX10 UKFL210+H2310 UKFL310+H2310 UKFLX010+H2310 UKF210+H2310 UKF310+H2310 UKFX10+H2310 UCFA206 UCFC206 UCFCX10 UKFC210+H2310 UCF310
UCP207 UCP311 UCPX11 UKP211+H2311 UKPX11+H2311 UKP311+H2311 UCPH207 UCPA207 UP006 SBPP207 UFL006 UCFL207 UCFL311 UKFL211+H2311 UKFL311+H2311 UKF211+H2311 UKF311+H2311 UKFX11+H2311 UCFA207 UCFC207 UCFCX11 UKFC211+H2311 UCF311
UCP208 UCP312 UCPX12 UKP212+H2312 UKPX12+H2312 UKP312+H2312 UCPH208 UCPA208 UP08 UFL08 UCFL208 UCFL312 UKFL212+H2312 UKFL312+H2312 UKF212+H2312 UKF312+H2312 UKFX12+H2312 UCFA208 UCFC208 UCFCX12 UKFC212+H2312 UCF312
UCP209 UCP313 UCPX13 UKP213+H2313 UKPX13+H2313 UKP313+H2313 UCPH209 UCPA209 UCFL209 UCFL313 UKFL213+H2313 UKFL313+H2313 UKF213+H2313 UKF313+H2313 UKFX13+H2313 UCFA209 UCFC209 UCFCX13 UKFC213+H2313 UCF313
UCP210 UCP314 UCPX14 UKP214+H2314 UKPX14+H2314 UKP314+H2314 UCPH210 UCPA210 UCFL210 UCFL314 UKFL214+H2314 UKFL314+H2314 UKF214+H2314 UKF314+H2314 UKFX14+H2314 UCFA210 UCFC210 UCFCX14 UKFC214+H2314 UCF314
UCP211 UCP315 UCPX15 UKP215+H2315 UKPX15+H2315 UKP315+H2315 UCFL211 UCFL315 UKFL215+H2315 UKFL315+H2315 UKF215+H2315 UKF315+H2315 UKFX15+H2315 UCFA211 UCFC211 UCFCX15 UKFC215+H2315 UCF315
UCP212 UCP316 UCPX16 UKP216+H2316 UKPX16+H2316 UKP316+H2316 UCFL212 UCFL316 UKFL216+H2316 UKFL316+H2316 UKF216+H2316 UKF316+H2316 UKFX16+H2316 UCFC212 UCFCX16 UKFC216+H2316 UCF316
UCP213 UCP317 UCPX17 UKP217+H2317 UKPX17+H2317 UKP317+H2317 UCFL213 UCFL317 UKFL217+H2317 UKFL317+H2317 UKF217+H2317 UKF317+H2317 UKFX17+H2317 UCFC213 UCFCX17 UKFC217+H2317 UCF317
UCP214 UCP318 UCPX18 UKP218+H2318 UKPX18+H2318 UKP318+H2318 UCFL214 UCFL318 UKFL218+H2318 UKFL318+H2318 UKF218+H2318 UKF318+H2318 UKFX18+H2318 UCFC214 UCFCX18 UKFC218+H2318 UCF318
UCP215 UCP319 UCPX19 UKPX20+H2320 UKP319+H2319 UCFL215 UCFL319 UKFL319+H2319 UKF319+H2319 UKPX20+H2320 UCFC215 UCFCX20 UKFC+H UCF319
UCP216 UCP320 UCPX20 UKP320+H2320 UCFL216 UCFL320 UKFL320+H2320 UKF320+H2320 UCFC216 UCF320
UCP217 UCP321 UKP322+H2322 UCFL217 UCFL321 UKFL322+H2322 UKF322+H2322 UCFC217 UCF321
UCP218 UCP322 UKP324+H2324 UCFL218 UCFL322 UKFL324+H2324 UKF324+H2324 UCFC218 UCF322
UCP324 UKP326+H2326 UCFL324 UKFL326+H2326 UKF326+H2326 UCF324
UCP326 UKP328+H2328 UCFL326 UKFL328+H2328 UKF328+H2328 UCF326
UCP328 UCFL328 UCF328

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