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Chengdu Silike Technology CO.LTD
  • Target Markets: silicone core pipe , BOPET film , automobile parts , PET sheet , wire/ cable compounds , engineering plastics , thermoplastic elastomer TPE,TPR,TPV.... Thermoplastics
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  • Established date: 2004
Anti-wear agent / Abrasion resistant

Anti-wear agent / Abrasion resistant

Business Information

  • FOB Port : Shanghai
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : 25kg
  • Delivery Time : within 7 days

Product Features

The product is a high molecular weight polymer which independently developed by our company with special arts and crafts, adding a small amount to the thermoplastic can significantly improve the product’s abrasion resistance and reduce the coefficient of the fraction. At the same time, the flow ability of resin, processing performance and surface glossiness are improved as well.

Product Specifications

Special abrasion resistance for shoes
1.Cost-effective, small amount addition, outstanding abrasion resistance properties
The product produced with special arts / crafts and high technology. On the today’s market, 2~3% addition of our products can achieve the same level as the 5~10% addition of traditional agents. Even if the customer has a near-stringent requirements of abrasion resistance, our products can help you to meet their needs. With our products, whether your product are used in running shoes, basketball shoes or the various professional sports shoes , you do not need to worry about the wearness.
2. Environmental protection
This product doesn’t contain lead, mercury, chromium and other heavy metals, It is fully in line with EU SGS certification requirements. At the same time, it is has good thermal stabilities, no smoke produced during the processing. Especially suitable for the customers who have requirements of environmental protection.
3. Will not change the product’s hardness
The hardness always increased after the traditional abrasion agents added, easily make the folding resistance decreased. While our product doesn’t affect the basic mechanical properties of the original product.
4. No affect on color
Other homemade abrasive products often make the color darner, even to black. Seriously affect the appearance of the product. But our product is a high molecular polymer which is very stable under high or low temperature and will not affect the original color during processing.
5. The abrasion resistance is same for both inside and outside, will not change
Although the traditional abrasion regent have abrasion effect, but because of it’s lower molecular weight, easily lead to precipitated, if the storage time are little longer, the abrasion resistance are significantly decreased. What’s more, once the product surface is wored, the whole product’s abrasion resistance is lost. But our product can completely solves the shortcomings of traditional abrasion agent, and the abrasion resistance will not be decreased because of long-term storage and high temperature
6. To improve the processing performance and appearance
Our products can significantly improve the mobility during processing (at this time, in order to reducing energy consumption, you can reduce the temperature of 10 ℃ -30 ℃), and enhance the surface gloss and hand-feeling.

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