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Fire Fountain Synchronized With Music

Fire Fountain Synchronized With Music

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  • Fire Fountain Synchronized With Music

Product Features

Fire Fountain, normally has got two kinds of fuels. LPG and Alcohol-based fuel. And by the usage, it can has 3 types, fire on water, fire-ball, and fire torch with water pillar. People will get excited and surprised when fire comes out with music's high pitch, as people fears fire from instinct, it is kind unexpected surprise to them.

There are basically 2 ways for music fountain installation:

1. If the products are produced in China, we'll send one mechanical engineer and one electronic engineer for instructing, and normal labor can be employed locally.

2. For simple fountains, we can also send engineers to process the pipes and do the welding at the destination place. They will also instruct the installation when everything is ready.

Musical fountain is a type of animated fountain for entertainment purposes that creates an aesthetic design and sometimes a three-dimensional image. This is done by using the effects of sound waves and light or laser against water particles, in which the water streams, activated in strategically-timed durations, refract and reflect the light, and in doing so, a three-dimensional image is created.

Many of the more well-known music foutains are large scale, and use hundreds of water fountain nozzles and laser emitters, the cost of the musical fountains runs up into the millions of dollars, although smaller household fountains exist where the budget ranges to around a thousand dollars.

Compurterised fountains, also generally called musical fountains, appear to respond to music but have been programmed beforehand. The earliest of these were played manually by a live operator, who usually controlled pumps or valves and sometimes lights by way of switches on a control panel. Music was almost always live. Later, choreography could be prerecorded on a punched paper card which was scanned by a computer; and even later, it could be recorded on magnetic tape or, in the most modern shows, on a CD along with the music. Even so, the cho

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