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CAMABIO capacitive fingerprint module uart/usb interface

CAMABIO capacitive fingerprint module uart/usb interface

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Product Features

1. USB & UART communication port

2. High Security, can refuse fake fingers, recognize live fingers
3. 1:N verification and 1:1 identification function

4. Self-learning function of the fingerprint features

5. Able to set baud rate and equipment number

6. Access to standby situation by instruction control module

7. Achieving fingerprint enrollment and verification at the condition of minimum

 1. Capacitive fingerprint sensor module integrated with sensor as smallest appearance

2. Advanced Technology of self study function
3. Support 360 degree identifying
4. Better performance with dirty fingers, dry fingers, wet fingers
5. Excellant performance & fast identifying speed
CAMA-AFM32 is capacitive fingerprint sensor module for secondary development. It features small size, low power consumption, simple ports,high reliability, small fingerprint template (496bytes), large fingerprint capacity, etc. It is convenient to be embedded to usersystem for realizing clients required fingerprint verification products.
CAMA-AFM32 outstandingly features self-learning function. During the fingerprint verification process,the latest collected fingerprint features would be integrated into the fingerprint database automatically so that the users would obtain better and better fingerprint verification result.
No. Item Description
1 Model CAMA-AFM32
2 Sensor FPC1011 Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor
3 Keyword Capacitive fingerprint sensor module
4 Fingerprint image 242 * 266(pixel)
5 Resolution 500dpi
6 Power Supply DC3.3V
7 Work current <100mA
8 Communication port UART
Capacitive fingerprint sensor module 
Communication interface :UART/ USB
Optic sensor is reliable and Low-cost,High ESD Protection
1:N Identification (One-to-Many)
1:1 Verification (One-to-One)
High speed fingerprint identification algorithm engine
Self study function
Fingerprint template data read from /write to FLASH memory function
Get Feature Data of Captured fingerprint and Verify/IdentifyDownloaded Feature withCaptured fingerprint(Specially designed for fingerprint stored in IC card)
Identify Downloaded Feature with Captured fingerprint
Security Level setting
Able to set BaudRate/ Device ID/Device Password

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