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Fingerprint Access control reader

Fingerprint Access control reader

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 1
  • Made In : China(CN)

Product Features

CAMA new generation compact fingerprint access control reader features fashionable compact design, easy operation, fast verification speed and comfortable fingerprint collecting window.


◆ CAMA patented super fingerprint algorithm with excellent performance with difficult fingers such as dry, wet, dirty fingers, etc. Unique self-learning function with 360° verification function
◆ It features small size, low power consumption, simple ports, and high reliability
◆ Achieving fingerprint enrollment and verification at the condition of minimum storage
◆ Optical total reflection fingerprint sensor
◆ 1:N verification and 1:1 identification function
◆ Verify mode: fingerprint, ID card, fingerprint+ ID card
◆ Self-learning function of the fingerprint features
◆ Admin. Right: 3 administrators and 2997 ordinary users. The first enrolled three ID numbers are the administrators
◆ Automatic Wakeup function
◆ Access to standby situation by instruction control module



SensorCMOS image sensor, optical total reflection
Scan area18mm X 20mm
Fingerprint image210 x 250 (pixel)
Fingerprint capacity3000
Fingerprint capacity0.001%
FAR≤ 0.01%
Identification speed1:1 <0.5S; 1:N (2000 fingerprints) <0.9S
Communication PortRS485, MiniUSB, Wiegand 26 or Relay
Work SupplyDC12V
Work Current< 100mA; Standby Current: < 20μA
Work temperature-10 ℃- 60 ℃
Work humidity20%– 80%
Dimensions of reader86*86*36mm

Product Specifications

Sensor: CAMA optical sensor, optical total reflection
Scan Area: 18mm X 20mm
Fingerprint image: 210 x 250 (pixel)
Fingerprint capacity: 3000
FAR: &lt; 0.001%
Wiegand 26 output

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