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Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint Sensor

Business Information

  • Made In : China(CN)

Product Features

* Adopting high precise optical image element, identify correctly.
* It combines a wide range of optical technology from fingerprint optical manufacturer home and abroad with super high image capturing ability
* Have a good image processing capabilities, can successfully capture image up to resolution 500 dpi
* Adjust image distortion, assure fingerprint matching consistency.
* Built-in precise micro potentiometer imported from Japan, able to adjust the back brightness
* Adopting Self-innovated patent of focus optical fine-tuning to achieve extremely clear fingerprint
* Low power consumption, stable and reliable
* Optional light background (red / blue / bright green)

Product Specifications

* Optical fingerprint sensor
* Sensor: 1/4.5 Inch
* Identification time ? 250ms
* Scan area :18mm X 20mm
* Resolution: 500dpi
* Work current:

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